Got up at 10:30, thought it was going to be a dreary day, but I got my butt out of the house. Went to Target and Val-Kill, home of Eleanor Roosevelt. Also went out to dinner with Carrie and Asuka at the Eveready Diner to see the pics of the house they put an offer in on! Woo hoo, very excited for them…

Carrie came up from Wappinger Falls and we went to Tivoli and Rhinebeck together and explored. Tonight we went out to pizza. We are thawing out of the big snow storm. Two of the three Volvos have sold. We will see about the other one tomorrow.

Today we had a wonderful day, I test drove some cars. The Volvo V40 and a Jetta. Then we went to the Poughkeepsie Galleria to buy Vince some new clothes. Then this evening we went to the Bard Valentine’s Dance and had a swing lesson and listened to this 20 piece band play. Great fun!

I don’t have my regular routines in place, so I have been lazy about getting my journal article in every night. (Sorry, dad..I’m fine, really 🙂 ) Last night, I went to a talk at Bard about footbinding. Dorothy Ko gave the lecture and about 50 people showed up. She looked wonderful in a dragon pant and coat set. We had dinner at a Japanese restaurant in Rhinebeck run by Taiwanese people and it seemed like we were back in Taiwan for a moment. All the staff people were holding Vince and laughing. I had a great time. Jeremy was off to Austin last night. He drove to Manhattan last night and stayed in Bob and Katherine’s apartment in the city and saw Ben for dinner. This morning we all woke up to snow, so he called from the airport to report runway delays.