This weekend we went to a wonderful baptism party of a friend of Katherine’s. It was quite a shin-dig. A picnic outside under tents, but everything was pretty muddy. The food was delicious, duck and pig being the most memorable.

Days can pass before I update this blog. Did I mention that on the 18th, we heard the baby’s heartbeat? Hmmmm…. just wonderful. This weekend I had a few hours off Vince duty and hung out with Carrie and Asuka and lazed the Saturday afternoon away. She showed me her gold tooth. Very pimpy. On Saturday night, we had my famous calzone, made more famous by trading in the canned pizza dough with Adam’s fresh pizza dough. Jeremy made a beautiful and delicious creation. Sunday, we hung around the house, although we spent a lot of time outside (walking along the rail trail and at the playground). Then in the evening, Seth, our landlord came over and fixed the lawnmover.

I’ve had a bunch of stupendous accomplishments this week:

1. Beat out a bunch of moms to sign Vince up for storybook hour at the Pleasant Valley Library.

2. Remembered that trash night was Monday and not Tuesday, thus proving to Jeremy I was not losing my mind.

3. Finding a wallet at Bard and returning it fully intact.

Yesterday was a long day for me. Vince slept at 10 am on the way to Bob and Katherine’s, so the afternoon nap was shot. So it was a long afternoon for me. Shannon and Lauren came over for the chemistry tutoring by Jeremy and Vince had a blast. He was so excited that even though we drove home at 10 pm, he didn’t fall asleep in the car.

This weekend was really nice. Sometimes I think we are really bored and don’t really do anything. Other times I think we are overbooked. On Saturday, we went over to Jonathon and Christine’s house and played with Jillian, Mattie and Dakota. It was really enjoyable. Their house is sparcely furnished which made playing in the house a lot of fun. Vince actually played by himself in an upstairs bedroom while everybody downstairs was playing with the playstation. On Sunday was my birthday, the Martin’s came over and brought over this delicious blackberry and peach pie. Wonderful!