What a Christmas. We drove over to the Martins on Wed morning and just got back Friday night. On Wed, while I walked the doggies over to Blythwood, Jeremy, Ben and Emily went shopping for a ham and Xmas goodies. We had tacos for dinner on Christmas Eve. On Christmas day, we ate stollen for breakfast and had a Christmas gift orgy where everyone got oddles of stuff. Jeremy was especially pleased with his gaiters and gloves and I love my Palm Pilot case from Ben. Vince got loads of stuff, including these great blocks from Gene and Bette. His tricycle was defective, so hopefully we can get that replaced. Then after that, we took a nap in the car and then the Rozman’s came over and we had ham, mac and cheese for dinner. Today, we packed, Bob and Katherine for their trip to China, us for our trip to DC. Jeremy and I went on a date to the Black Swan. Yummy!

Ohhh, what a social weekend. On Sunday, we were invited to dinner at Erdam and Eloina’s place and had a German dinner of false rabbit and pickled cabbage. Vince and Victoria get along really well together. On Monday, we hung out with the Smiths and had lunch, walked around town and made Xmas cookies. Tonight, we went to see Ava and her granddaughter and had dinner with them. Vince was fabulous during dinner, didn’t make a huge fuss and even got a compliment from a diner in the room.

Yah, vacation has started. Invited Huang and his family over to our house and since they didn’t want to drive at night, we had the roast chicken dinner for lunch instead. Then we went to the Millbrook Zoo.

We’ve been fighting a stomach bug for the past few days. Jeremy took the day off and we did some errands. We have also been wrestling with a neighborhood problem. I’ll only say shared driveway and snow plowing duties. Vince was officially weaned on December 4, 2003 at about 1 pm in the afternoon. I wanted to wait until it seemed official, but it seems like there is no turning back now.

Fun, fun day yesterday. We met up with Christine, Jane and George yesterday in NYC and we had a blast. First to FAO Schwartz which was packed, packed, packed and we spent about 2 hours there. Grandpa Bob got Vince a bunch of match box cars. Then onto lunch at the zoo in Central park and then the zoo which was great. I especially loved the poisonous frogs which are especially colorful and spring-y. Then we headed back to the apt and ate takeout Thai food and the kids played with their toys. Then we headed home. Looks like today will be the 2nd big snowstorm of the year.

We have been up at the Martin’s house all week this week. Sunday for the African party, Monday for the Chronogram party, Wed for tutoring, Thrusday for dr appt and then Friday and Saturday for a trip to NYC with Christine and the kids.

Snow, snow and more snow. Saturday got snowed in and we watched This Old House episodes. Sunday, we shoveled (well Jeremy shoveled) and changed out the tires to snow tires and we went to the Martins for Katherine’s birthday and had an African themed party!

Made macaroons for Thanksgiving. They were a big hit. Saw all the cousins and had a nice time. Saturday, we went to the Martins to see Andy and Margarite. That was nice also. Sunday, Jeremy went over to install speaker wire. We are on our 3rd day of no TV. It’ll be a challenge.