Catfish dinner

Here’s a good dinner that we had last night and I think it’s easily adaptable to one, for all you people cooking alone out there. 🙂

One catfish fillet, soak in milk for a little bit. Get some bread crumbs and mix in salt, pepper and whatever other spices you want (we used cayenne and paprika). Take the catfish out of the milk bath and dredge in the bread crumbs until coated. Place in an oven-safe pan and pop into oven or toaster oven at 350 for 10-15 minutes (I’m not sure exactly how long) until done. Test with a fork. Serve with starch and veggie. We had a mashed yam and steamed broccoli. Yummy!

We are back from Washougal

We came back from Washougal last night with a couple who went with us. We did some shopping and eating a lots of food. A Japanese sea food restraint buffet. I ate two robsters and other things. But I did not eat raw fish. I never had it. Chinese food over there is very good too. We also went an outlet mall bought few clothes. Daddy was tired and he did all the driving.

Came back was tough near Richland. It was very foggy. Now both of us has some kind of love bugs. It is getting better now.

Funeral Blues

Today was Tina’s Memorial Service. People travelled from pretty far away to come and a lot of people stood up to tell some wonderful memories and stories of her. It’s amazing how people know only a sliver of someone’s life. For each part of er life a friend or family member would stand up and narrate. Her father would tell stories of her growing up. Her cousin explained about her school days. And on it went. The other amazing thing was how much everyone knew her in the same way. It was so … consistent throughout. Of course Tina was a total superstar in anything and everything that she did. I doubt many people could live up to her legacy.

Sledding at Bard

This afternoon, we all went sledding at Bard at Blythwood. Here’s Jeremy being the horse for Vince. Everyone loves to sled. Ruby and Trudy came along and ran around in the snow. The weather was really cold when we got up (-7 F) but by the time we got to Bard it was at least 30 F. Balmy! It hasn’t been so warm for many, many days.