24 Hours of Politik


So a bunch of us are doing this 24 Hours of Adrenaline. We mostly work at the shop, so everyone getting the day off on a Saturday to do the race is a reasonable issue. So apparently a deal has been brokered… We’ll get the day off, if we wear our shop’s cycling jersey. But there are a couple issues.

1) who’s paying for the jerseys?
2) who’s paying for the entry fees?
3) the jerseys are butt fugly ugly.

it seems like we’ll be paying for the entry fees, which is a bit unusual for being “sponsored”. I hope to get the jerseys for free, but the owner might make us by them, which I would find to be unreasonable.

of course, one of our guys is making a big hoo ha, out of having to wear the jerseys and pay for the entry fees. so everyone’s got an agenda. ugh.


Not crying at parties.

Well today we were invited to another Chinese New Year party – this time for a noontime steamboat lunch. This was given by the couple who came over in November with their 2 children about Vince and Edda’s age when it became obviously apparent to me that Edda was falling fast off of the normal development curve. Edda and I bailed on the party, Edda because she didn’t sleep very well last night and me because I thought I had done enough crying at parties recently. Jeremy and Vince went, Jeremy wasn’t much up for it because he spent most of the night up last night with Edda, but I felt bad that we’ve been cancelling things at the last minute with these people and I knew Vince would have a fabulous time.

Well Vince did have a fabulous time, but Jeremy ended up pretty emotional when he got home. There were 2 kids younger than Edda at the party and the contrast between her abilities and theirs was striking and Jeremy spend a lot of the afternoon and early evening in tears and sad. It’s nice that we usually aren’t too sad at the same time but it takes a lot of energy both to be sad and to help the other person not be too sad.

Well, perhaps we’ll find a therapist soon for both me and Jeremy, either seperately or together. I love therapy. And we’ll take Donald’s suggestion of a support group seriously too, although I don’t know if they have such things here though.

Crying at parties.

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Tonight, we all went to a Chinese New Year Party and I ended up crying on the floor in the middle of the party. I kind of knew it was going to happen sooner or later, but I didn’t figure it was going to be tonight.

The host and hostess were very sweet, but I hadn’t told them about Edda before I went to the party. Now it’s pretty clear that Edda is an odd duck now that she’s almost 2, so there is no hiding the fact that she has some “issues” she has to – you know – “work out”. So I told the hostess about Edda and the whole party (at least from my perspective) became a test for Edda’s abilities or lack of abilites. Bells ringing behind her head to see if she’ll turn around, asking Edda “where’s your mama?” to see if she’ll point, suggestions about using walkers or how to say words clearly to her, people asking Vince, “Do you play with your sister?”. THIS WENT ON FOR OVER AN HOUR. And it was all in Chinese so Jeremy couldn’t rescue me at all. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore and sat down in the middle of the living room and cried. Then the hostess said that I drive away potential friends because I cry every time I talk about Edda. Gosh, so reassuring. Jeremy scooted me out of the party, Vince didn’t even complain about leaving even though he was in the middle of watching Sponge Bob Square Pants. I’m hoping not to do this at every single party I go to for the rest of my life.

Artist Painting

Well, Mom’s artist friend gave me a classic Chinese painting of boys she had in her bedroom. I like it very much and is going to hang on our Sheets Farm house.

We had a wonderful time here. She is also from Chung Ming and from same background as Mom’s. As a fact of fact, her son also graduated from MIT and had a brunch with Doris and us in Marriot during graduation ceremony. Doris and Donald, do you still remember that?

Yesterday, we went to the local restaurant called “Bob Chinn’s”. Their sea food was excellent.

Today, we will take a detour toward west again to visit “Nauvoo”, IL where Mormons started migrating westward. And will then take 70 to see our farm before going to Washington DC. There are lot of changes there. I like to show Mom.

Edda look good and hope the best.

Chinese New Year’s Eve Dinner

Last night, Li Pei Zin invited me over for dinner to celebrate Chinese New Year. Honestly, I really actually enjoy the dinner’s with their whole family. Ching Mao is alwasy pretty talkative. We had a good time discussing the reasons why you parents are crazy to move all over the country.

of course, most of the kids are over too for the dinner. Emily and her bf Ben, Jeffery and Leigh and their kids Christina and Eileen, who are about Vince and Edda’s ages.

It’s sorta weird, I actually end up talking to Leigh the most. Perhaps she’s the most talkative of all in that generation? whoo knows. The funny thing also is that all the kids are into biking. Leigh bikes the kids to school, and has signed up for a marathon. Jefffery is biking a lot for fun. both Emily and Ben bike also.

This kids are pretty fun too. Christina ended up climbing all over me at the dinner table and putting things on my head, and sticking things down my shirt. Kinda reminded me of the vince-man. Apparently she also really finds Garfield comics to be extremely funny. she made me read her this one comic over and over again… it went something like this:

Garfield sleeping next to a clock.

Garfield – this clock is driving me nuts!
Garfield – I’ll have to move it.
Garfield – I’ll put it in Jon’s underwear drawer.
* garfield is asleep in his bed
* Jon come over to the bed,
Jon – Garfield, wake up! It’s almost….
BRIIIIIIIING! (as jon’s butt rings)
garfield – seven o’clock?

Also Ching Mao and I had a long discussion about housing prices and leveraging you money. He does a lot of real estate investements and I tried to get out of him whether he thought that the market was worth going into or not. I didn’t quite get a straight answer. He was basically like you never know what’s going to happen in life. whether the market will go up or not. but he said at some point, if you know the market is going to go up, you should buy regardless, because you can leverage your money in real estate. He said he wants the housing market to raise only 7% every year – a sustainable growth rate, because then if you put 20% down, you’ve made 35% of your money back in the first year. 7%/20%. I tried to frame it as a cash flow problem since i’m sorta interested in rental properties, but i dunno that i got thru to him that way.

oh yeah, Li Pei Zin and I are still working on the gf. mom, that 2000 dollars is stil on the table right?

I’m not tired!

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To prove to my parents I’m not tired, I took this picture of myself today on a geocaching adventure. See, I don’t look to bad for a mom with 2 kids under the age of 4. Actually, I think I look pretty good. Not to wrinkly or pouchy.

Cram session.

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It’s like we are studying for the SAT in the Lee-Martin household. Let’s see if Edda can push a button on a Sesame Street toy! Let’s see if Edda can find Peter Rabbit if he’s hidden under a blanket! Let’s see if Edda can walk from one couch to another! Let’s see if Edda will say mama in return for a Cheerio! Let’s face it, would any of you do anything in return for a single Cheerio? I think not.

Actually Edda can do a lot of these things, it’s just unclear to me if she wants to do any of these things. A lot of what the therapists told me involve finding a “motivator”. Much the same way a grown person will toil day and night as a corporate lawyer to get that way cool flat-screen TV, I have to find things that Edda wants to make her do things that I want her to do. I told Jeremy that Edda’s like the Buddha and has transended material wants. She doesn’t really want anything. Only food when she’s hungry, sleep when she’s tired and a clean diaper – and some company – she does get fussy when left in a room by herself. Toys? Not necessary. Treats? Nope. Games? Not that interested. Keeping up with other kids? Not important. She’s the Buddha I’m telling you.