Retirement Home

This morning, we went to Baltimore to see the wife of Mom’s advisor (professor) in graduate school. She has lived alone for quite sometime. On and off, we have visited her so many times during the passed 30+ years. She has cancer right now and walks fairly slowly with a high-tech walker. Her only daughter is living in Albany, NY and visits her monthly. I promised her if I will drive north to see Jeremy and Doris after April, next year, I will pick her up to see her daughter. One stone for two birds, at least.

She was so happy to see us. We were too. We would like to invite her for lunch. But, since she has already missed so many meals in December in her retirment home, instead, she invited us using her leftover meal coupons because they will expire at the end of each month. The food was great. The conversation was great too. Just she is old and repeats the subjects a lot. Other than that, it was just great.

Her place is not that cheap at all. First, she needs to pay down about $250K for one bedroom apartment. Then every month, she needs to pay about $2,500 for meals and services. When she was sick and lived downstairs with extra cares, she had to pay $2,500 in addition. She told us, if she got sick again, she would like to stay upstairs in her apartment. If she is picked by Heaven in her apartment, then it is okay for her. Just too expensive to stay downstairs while sick and feel lonely. We agreed.

Looking at her and younger generations around us, Mom and I both think we are at our cross roads right now. Hope our health will hold up until the last moment. But who knows. We will be the last one lives in an assistance living place. We would rather stay in our house until the last moment.

Back at Bard.

We drove up from DC to Bard College. I was wedged between the kids, very uncomfortable as Vince squirmed into my personal space threatening to puke and Edda kept slapping me in my head with her arm. We zoomed to Bard with only one major meltdown (Vince sobbed as he realized McDonald’s was not the lunch menu).

Today, Charlotte visited us and we walked to the Hudson River which is a favorite walk of mine. Tonight we wait for Ben, Johanna and Felix for dinner. It is getting more and more crowded here.


This Christmas

Every one in the family was home this Christmas. It was very nice and time flies. To have all of them together is not easy these days, especially Emily, Bob and Katherine were here too. And I had a wonder time of having them celebrating my birthday together. To hear Edda laughing and to see Vincent running around had special feeling for me. The night before their (Jeremy, Doris, Donald, Vincent & Edda) departure to NY I was wild awake writing this paragraph.


Day after Xmas.

Well after Donald won his fantasy football league, it’s pretty much been downhill from there. The Martins left for NYC after a holiday dinner of lamb and spinach/mushroom fritatta. The rest of us went to bed and woke up this morning not really knowing how to celebrate the first day of Kwanzaa.

Well Donald went and hung out with pals, Mom and Dad did errands, and Jeremy, me and the kids went to the mall. We went early enough so there was enough parking.


Tonight we went to Colleen and Eric’s house and had Edda’s favorite dinner – roast beef, mashed potatoes and broccoli. She ate more than the other 3 kids running around.

The Real Stuff of Xmas…

Yeah yeah, there are presents, and friends, and good food and family. Whatever. 😛

Tonight, I have officially won my Fantasy Football Super Bowl! I stayed up until 11ish waiting out the Miami-NYJ game. haahah!

The Super Bowl MVP is Ron Dayne of the Houston Texans for putting up 30 points for me this week, as my 2 stud running backs, LT2 and Fast Willie Parker, put up a measly 17 points, down from their average of 48. Jeff Garcia of the Philadelphia Eagles put in a respectable performance tonight. I staved off a late game scare from Jerricho Cotchery of the NY Jets, as he put in a 4th quarter TD against the Dolphins tonight, but I had enough points to eek out the win.

Just cause I’m anal… some players that helped the cause..

RB – Ladainian Tomlinson – 470pts – 33 TDs. Enough said. The #2 guys, Larry Johnson, clocked in at 359pts.
RB – Willie Parker – 264pts – 14 TDs. Erratic, either a huge game or nothing. This week, nothing
RB – Warrick Dunn – 165pts – Good first half. terrible second half. used until week 13
RB – Ron Dayne – 114pts – Subbed in in week 14. 71pts came in the last 3 weeks.

QB – Drew Bledsoe – 85pts – par until he got benched for Romo. Should have picked up Romo. sigh
QB – Jon Kitna – 236pts – Second half QB. Great yardage. Good until he started throwing 3 picks a game.
QB – Vince Young – 216pts – Wow. 6 wins in a row. Go Titans. Doubt threat to pass and run. A backup RB basically. Too bad i didn’t play him in the super bowl
QB – Jeff Garcia – 116pts – All in the last 5 weeks. Did philly just win 3 road division games? Wow.

WR – TJ Houshmandzadeh – 199pts – the highest WR average. would have been #1 or #2 WR in the league, if he didnt’ miss 2 games
WR – Wes Welker – 160pts – Mr. Consistency. 10 pts every game. #19 WR. Yea Return yards!
WR – Donte Stallworth – 105pts – Mr. Injury. Hamstring problems and McNabb going down. Huge couple games tho.
WR – Derrick Mason – 113pts – Couldn’t trust him, tho he came up big for me in the first round. TD in garbage time.

TE – Kellen Winslow – 137pts – #6 TE in the league. Kinda slowed down at the end of the season. great wire pickup

K – Nate Kaeding – 139pts – SD’s high powered offense.


This is the first year that Vince believes in Santa. He asked technical questions – Santa’s flight times, geometry of landing on roofs and getting into houses without chimneys. We explained that Santa is helped along the way by a little bit of magic.

This Christmas was magical. All four of Vince and Edda’s grandparents were here together. I’m lucky that our families can spend time together in this way.


Yesterday, we went to Seth and Christine’s house for a pre-Christmas party.



At home.

Well, Bob, Katherine, and Emy came by today, so now the house is full as both sets of grandparents are here, an uncle, an aunt. Cool beans. Today we went off to the library for like 10 minutes. Doris went out to eat with a high school friend. Any suggestions on where she can meet a guy in a non sports arena? I suggested dancing.

Also, to my horror, I found out on the way home, that my elementary school has bee razed. Sniff Sniff. College Gardens is no more… 🙁

Here’s some pics of our trip to the library!