Someone vote me off this island!

Day #3 at home with sick Edda. I’m going crazy!

We had chocolate feeding. A snack with cracker sticks that you first dip into chocolate frosting and then dip the frosting covered breadstick into sprinkles. Perfect for breakfast. Edda rejected chocolate! See how ill she is?

DSC06359 DSC06360 DSC06361

We had Vince put together an installation of his art. Medium – cardboard, ribbon and paper. He insisted on doing this all shirtless. I fought with him for a while about the shirt but I knew I was going to lose even before I started.




Lucky Ruby renovated and upgraded her crate with a sheepskin. Now, at night, she refuses to sleep with us at the foot of our bed. I am a bit offended by her preference of comfort and privacy over loyalty. Humpf. (Edit: Jeremy just reminded me that I do the same thing to him. Some nights I want my own bed, so I sneak off to the guest room where I can wrap the whole comforter around me like a cocoon. Ah, oh well, isn’t one suppose to be most critical of things that remind one of oneself? Sigh.)



I am 4 rows from finishing Icarus. I’m sure you guys are excited for me.




Scientific name: Allamanda cathartica
Common name: Cherries Jubilee
Location: Singapore


the Ham

(47% dark, 53% spontaneous, 36% vulgar)

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PEOPLE LIKE YOU: Will Ferrell – Will Smith

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Just another list.

Edda is sick – cough, fever, sore throat. She isn’t sleeping or eating well. Doc says it’s a viral thing, should pass in a few days. Here she’s cat napping at the post office.


Look, a mouse that mouths.


Vince has discovered that Jeremy’s iPod can play videos.



Araucaria columnaris

Scientific name: Araucaria columnaris
Common name: Caledonia Pine
Location: Singapore

Tickety – shut up!

Crazy Vince wanted to get an alarm clock. He’s learning to tell time from Tickety – the talking clock from Blue’s Clues. With much fanfare, Vince and Jeremy set the alarm for 7:15 am. As soon as it went off this morning, Vince hit the snooze button. Ha ha ha! We didn’t set it tonight.



I have 10 rows left on Icarus. I hope to finish before we leave Singapore.


Knitting is so slow.



Scientific name: Ficus celebensis
Common name: Weeping fig
Location: Singapore

Getting chubby.

This past week, these people have told me that I’m getting chubby: the babysitter, the housekeeper, the prata shop cash register guy, our neighbor and all of my pants. I have been trying to eat less and exercise more (I am still running! I’m up to a mile now. Well almost a mile and almost every day.) But it’s hard when I’m faced with a plate of chicken and a pyramid of rice. I know, no one forces me to eat it, but it’s soooo good.


Jeremy and I made a vow that we’d go hiking, but only after chicken rice and a coffee from McDonald’s. What’s a hike through the jungle without a cappuccino? We were roughing it.


On the hike, we met a guy who moved to Singapore from Albany and he gave the capital district a thumbs up! He said it was better than Singapore. Yahoo for that!

Wow! And look at the size of that guy’s….


And it even has camouflage.


Artocarpus altilis

Scientific name: Artocarpus altilis
Common name: Breadfruit
Location: Singapore


Ms. Joyce, one of the aides at Edda’s school, invited us over to her house for steamboat. It’s a big pot broth on an electric hot plate and you put veggies, meat and fish balls and boil the whole thing. It’s great sitting around the table and chatting while waiting for the food to cook.



Calathea loeseneri

Scientific name: Calathea loeseneri
Location: Singapore

Mid Weekend Update.

Not a bad start to the weekend. Tonight was poker night. For the first time I had 2 tables full of folks. And I timed it reasonably well too. Everything finished at around 12:15. Nice. I had a couple of new faces too. but unfortunately, it was the old timers, the old guard who were sitting at the final table. I managed to eek out 3rd place and win a couple of bucks. Sadness, cause at one point I had a hug chip lead. Grrr!! All the folks who go busted, ended up playing Guitar Hero 2. It was quite a hit. Oh I should also say congrats to Alice for finally being in the money after never winning for the last… all of them… tournaments. So go Alice! Oh yeah, and we also had Annie clean our bathroom for us after she got busted! That’s kinda funny. I guess she was really bored?!? umm.. but thanks!

I guess Jocelyn weighed heavily on my mind this week. It’s been both the good and bad kind of mindshare. Tho now, I can say that I’m feeling optimistic about moving on – making forward progress – which is always a good thing in my mind. I know I’m pretty slow in this department, but it’s always been my MO, so I’m not surprised it’s taken this long. I’m hopeful tho.

Oh deck, tomorrow is a broomball adventure, at midnight again! Woo hoo! That’ll be fun. Sunday is Wasi’s birthday dinner, and possibly that dumpling dinner that I was going to go to, but really, I’ll probably skip it. I might be a nice time to just chill out.

Oh also, I just wanted to say, that’s it really really nice to have a good group of friends around. I mix in a lot of different groups, and know a lot of people to varying degrees, but it always really really nice to get together, over poker, dinner, biking, whatever. Thanks guys. It’s been a much better week than the last one. 🙂

Fun friday.

I love Fridays! I love thinking that it’s almost the weekend.


It rained today. I picked Jeremy up from work. Orange umbrella and a backpack – as if he’s coming home from elementary school – so adorable. Hee hee.

Edda is mouthing less, but I won’t talk about it too much. Don’t want to jinx it.

Nursing school is full until fall of 2008. Bleh! Argh!


Cocos nucifera

Scientific name: Cocos nucifera
Common name: Coconut!
Location: Singapore

My Turn…

One of the columns I love to read (but haven’t read much of recently) is the “My Turn” articles from Newsweek. It’s basically of normal everyday people, writing an 800 word article on some topic that’s important to them. It’s an interesting snapshot into people’s lives. The RSS feed is:


One particular “My Turn” I found hilarious…