We have moved every year that Vince has been in school. His “schools” have all been very transitional, his first school was a day care with people joining and leaving all the time. His 2nd school was in Singapore and he started with all the other kids who were new to the school. His 3rd school was kindergarten – which again, all the kids were new to each other, and now that we’ve moved, his 1st grade is his 4th school.

School here started last Tuesday, and Vincent has happily gone to school each day. He’s good at transitions and is very friendly, but he pretty quickly figured out that the kids in his class already know the school and know each other from last year and that he’s a bit on the outside looking in.

We went back to our “old” house last night to visit my parents who are in town and on the way home, he was a little weepy thinking about the old house and how nice it was there and about his pals who are all going to his old school.



I have been grouchy – this is why I haven’t been posting (or taking pictures for that matter). I try and keep this blog perky and upbeat, it is my daily lesson in optimism, but I have been not optimistic. Not even a sugar cookie could cheer me up today. (Have you tried the one from Potbelly’s? Yum.)

This past weekend, my parents, Jeremy’s parents and a few siblings came to the house for a low-key housewarming party.

It was so low key, my dad took a nap in the middle of it all!


A little chatting:


Some card playing:


Poison Oak.

I have managed to get poison oak on only my face. What, did I just sniff a bush of poison oak? I thought it wasn’t very noticeable, but every person I ran into yesterday and today inquired about it. I am itchy – (so is Jeremy, by the way, he has some nice hives all over his body. The team that scratches together stays together!)



The day we moved into the new house (now well over a week ago), Edda had her 24 hour EEG. We were able to do it most of the procedure at home, we went into the clinic for just an hour or so to get the electrodes attached to her head and then she wore a fanny pack all day and all night. The next morning, we FedExed the whole thing back to the clinic.

We took a walk in the afternoon with Edda’s head all turbaned up, we made quite a scene – mouthing, wheelchair and head all bandaged. People practically broke out into a sprint from across a lobby to hold open doors for us. They were all thinking: “What the heck happened to her?


Mowing the lawn.

Even though we pay for super-duper Internet, we don’t pay for cable TV – mainly because we are addicted enough to the Internet, we don’t need another electronic opiate in the house. So I’ve missed out on American Idol, Gray’s Anatomy and other things I don’t even know about. I still follow celebrity gossip happily, but I often have no idea why the people I’m reading about are famous.

However, I was hungering a bit for some Olympic action, so Jeremy went out and bought some rabbit ears, and I just can’t believe the quality of broadcast digital TV. It’s beautiful!

Vince has also discovered broadcast TV – so we’ve gotten a few, “I can’t leave now, it’s time for my cartoon!” We have not yet succumbed to Tivo, which I believe only works with cable and not rabbit ears. Perhaps we’ll have to hitch the old VCR to tape some digital broadcast TV cartoons. Talk about retro…

I mowed the lawn today.


Montgomery County Fair.

Last night, we went to the Montgomery County Ag Fair. It’s the 60th anniversary of the fair, so perhaps I should have gotten the commemorative T-shirt, but I did not. I think the last time I went was exactly 20 years ago, I remember clearly riding the tilt-a-whirl and winning a stuffed unicorn and hanging out with my high school pals.

Now as an adult, I would not go to the fair, I find it a bit too crowded, the food too greasy, the rides too scary and just a little overwhelming. Also, I don’t really think of Montgomery County as being agricultural (not like where Jeremy’s parents live in Dutchess County, NY) but I really wanted to introduce Yvonne to the wonders of America – so off we went! It’s so nice to go to a fair with someone who has never heard of:

A monster truck rally.


Fried Oreos (which were delicious, I had never had them before! we also introduced Yvonne to the corn dog (which I believe she thought looked obscene) and funnel cake).


Midway games, we are now the host family of Cindy, the fair goldfish.


We lasted 2.5 hours at the fair, which was pretty good considering Edda did not care for the fair at all. We tried taking her on the carousel, but she was crying and hit me in the head a number of times to tell me that she was pissed that she was made to go on a ride she indicated clearly that she did not want to go on.


Now some photos of rabbits and chickens, which are the least stinky of all the barn animals: