Jeremy’s sick.

Last night at midnight, Jeremy puked up his dinner, which means that about 3 hours from now, I will be sick to my stomach. As a precaution, I ate very little today (well, very little except for the chicken sandwich, 2 chocolate chip cookies and 2 minty chocolates and a pork dinner). Donald went home today (he’s on the plane now, but hasn’t taken off if everything is on time for a 8:40 pm takeoff), I hope we didn’t send the stomach bug with him to CA so he’ll feel like puking on the plane to SanFran.

This week, Jeremy has off of work. He’s been playing with the kids and doing lots and lots of errands, getting the cars serviced, getting the gutters cleaned, repairing various broken appliances (!).

Illnesses and transformers.

Vince got over his stomach bug, now it’s Edda’s turn. She threw up at least 5 times last night! Since she can’t really spit, she had a tough time clearing her mouth, but eventually she settled down for the night. She didn’t eat anything today except for 2.5 cans of Sprite (which apparently she loves). We went to my parents’ house for dinner and she spent the evening asleep.


While at my parents house, Vince overheard us adults talking about Donald’s Transformer collection from the 1980s. Vince asked Donald very sweetly if he could see the collection and Donald took the young boy by the hand and led him into the basement where he found:



Visiting the farm.

We visited the “farm” today. Vince was a little confused about the “farm” – he felt that the word “farm” meant that there would be cows, chickens or pigs (preferably friendly ones you could pet) and apple, blueberry and peach picking. However, our lovely “farm” has only trees, deer, squirrel and raccoon. But we had fun anyways – Vince especially liked that he could pee outside.



Bah humbug.

Yes, it’s true. I’m a grinch. Christmas makes me grumpy. Nevertheless, we hosted the DC Martin’s annual kid’s gift exchange – because some of the cousins are leaving town, there is always an early gift opening between the local families. At the end of the afternoon, we realized that tonight is the first night of the Hanukkah, so I dug the menorah out from the basement and lit the first candle.