Bring your kids to work day.

Vince convinced Jeremy to take him to work today in honor of Take Your Kids to Work Day. I was not optimistic about this endeavor, I mean how much fun can watching your dad work in front of a computer screen all day be? It’s like a get-out-of-school-free-card! But Vince insisted and Jeremy capitulated. Jeremy managed to turn it into a learning experience – Vince interviewed 7 people who work with Jeremy and I’ll post some of the videos this week.

This is Sarah:

OK, backing up on the vacation…

On Easter Sunday, we found ourselves in Pittsburgh, where we ate a delicious breakfast at Pamela’s Diner where we all helped ourselves out to their delicious crepe style pancakes!



Then we headed over to the National Aviary where Edda mingled with the penguins:


And Vince hand fed birds:


The boys and Denise went to take in a Pirates/Nats game where Vince ended up on the Jumbo-tron a record 3 times! Edda and I hung out and enjoyed this enormous cheesecake!


Lucky Easter!

We had a really nice Easter vacation – I’ll start with the last thing and then work backwards. Here’s a nice family photo of us at the White House! Vince is trying to make Edda look at the camera.


We were lucky enough (!) to get tickets to the annual Easter Egg Roll at the White House this year. Vince and Edda were actually not very interested in the actual rolling of eggs, so we focused on other activities on the White House lawn! I wore a borrowed bright yellow dress which made me feel fabulous 🙂

We met various cartoon celebrities… many photos, I will present only one for your enjoyment…


It was hot and Edda was asleep for a lot of the event, but she woke up long enough to shake hands with Michelle Obama. Lucky girl 😉 I know Ms. Obama looks a little concerned in this photo, but I only got off one shot with my camera and this was it – so there you go!


Edda’s Chincoteague experience.


I was pleasantly surprised at how much Edda enjoyed her time on Chicoteague! It was blustery and threatened to rain, but Edda loved the wind and walking on the beach. There were a bunch of accessible hikes through the marshes. We had a dandy time. And she got a ton of exercise. I’ll take day of walking on the sand over any formal PT session. Apparently, she’s an off-season beach kind of girl…



We took the kiddos to the Cub Scouts’ annual spring break trip to Chincoteague Island. Many years ago, the pack decided that camping so early in the season was too cold, so now the pack stays at the Refuge Inn, which was great.

A huge storm threatened the whole day on Saturday, but the rain didn’t start falling until after dinnertime.

There was swimming in the indoor pool, kite flying, ranger hiking, bike riding and McDonald’s eating.






Taking the day off.


I took the day off yesterday. And I did anything I damn well wanted. I had tea with a friend, I started setting up a tomato garden, I decided to go back to school and take some classes, I ate dinner with my husband, I went to my small group meeting and finally I planned some parties. And I got a full nights sleep. I’m ready to get back to work today.

Oh and I took some pictures of weeds.


My 8 dollar dinner (we split it!) with my husband.