Learning about the house.

Today I learned that I’m supposed to run a tub cleaning cycle on my front loading washing machine monthly! OMG, that front loading washer is so gross and yucky even though I leave the door open. You know how lots of things don’t bother you until you see it with a new person’s’ eyes? Well, our tenant has been doing lots of laundry (which is fine), but I cringed every time I heard her use it because I thought it was too gross for anyone outside the family to see it. So I started cleaning out the drainage holes with tweezers and clearing out the clogs and then I tried to clean it with bleach and then I went on the internet and found out that I’m suppose to run the tub clean cycle monthly with special tub cleaning solution. I’ve never done that in the 20 years I’ve owned front loading washers. So I’m trying that today. We’ll see. I also remember my neighbor who had the most pristine tub ever. And lawn. And deck. And they did it all themselves with small children. Sometimes, people are just better at things than you.

Eliana took Edda to a lake yesterday and snapped this gorgeous photo of Edda. Sometimes, ever so briefly, I can see the person she would have been without her disability. It’s not something I dream of or think of regularly these days, there is no Edda without her disability, really, so it’s not good to think about it too much.

I volunteered at Main Street yesterday at their Boba and Books events. A trip to get Boba tea and to the library. I’m trying to read more, mainly because I want to improve my attention span which is now hovering at flea-level. I just want to be entertained by short videos of cute dogs. I ran into J who I haven’t seen in months, so it was nice to catch up with her.

Ordering boba is complicated, but I managed to make this purchase with my watch! I did not have to take my wallet out of my purse.

We dismantled our kitchen yesterday afternoon to install our new induction stovetop. It did not go perfectly – going perfectly is like pitching a no-hitter or getting a grand slam, so a rare occurrence. I’m OK with that. Turns out we need to move some gas and electrical things which I’m not willing to do, so we’ll need to call our friends out again. I think we won’t need to cut or replace the granite countertop. I was having dinner with some tasteful friends a few months ago and they redid their house so beautifully 20 years ago, with handmade tiles and custom woodwork and now there are some needed repairs that will have to go through all that beautiful stuff and my friend was like – we shouldn’t have had all that nice work done because I’m going to have to destroy it to fix some leaking pipes and I won’t be able to put it back. Honestly, tons of stuff is broken in our kitchen, but it’s 85% fine. Are we going to just landfill the 85% that works? Anyways, his statement makes me OK with having subway tile everywhere. It goes back to my theory of – I just want the Honda Accord of things. Well built, not custom, but easily fixable. Essentially very, very boring. So boring. We are boring people.

Of course, Jeremy and I are learning to work together – this is a weak spot in our marriage, home repairs. But it’s going OK. My motto is to turn towards Jeremy when he wants to float ideas (so many ideas! So many) and then be relentlessly cheerful. Even when I think we’ll be without a stovetop for 2-3 weeks? I might as well think 2-3 months and then I should be good with the estimate.

Cheese puffs and singing.

We went to Friday Vibes at Main Street last night. We haven’t been in about a month because of all the crazy travel/sickness that we’ve endured and so we were extra happy to be back. It was karaoke night which is so FUN. They encourage you to buy food at the attached little cafe, but we’ve eaten there many times, so Jeremy wanted to get food elsewhere and so we had Potbelly’s sandwiches. Jeremy somehow ordered the extra small sandwiches for us, so modest! And so we were happy to have chips for us and cheese puffs for Edda. She really likes those.

We are doing a ever so slightly shady thing in that we bring Elka and slap her dog park harness on her which kind of makes her Edda’s support dog. I KNOW. I KNOW. We are bad people. Anyways, she’s always on leash and everyone who wants can come over and pet her – she’s not always 100% support-dog-like, but she’s pretty close and loves to be there. But also, we forgot to feed her dinner before we went, so she was very hungry by the end.

Here’s our friend Joab who sang his heart out. He didn’t want to go at first because he was like – what’s Potbelly’s and where is this place we are going to? But by the end, he was like – I love this place and I love everyone here. Haha, it is a lot of fun.

Teaching old dog new tricks.

It’s that time of year where I want to take a shower every 4 hours. I take a shower to go to bed and then I wake up and I want to take another shower. I have been not sleeping well for weeks now – usually waking up at 3:30 am and then not being able to fall asleep for an hour or so, but always sleepy for an afternoon nap. Anyways, I’ve been off my usual daily running routine for a few weeks now, and I’m just getting back into my rhythm and I’m happy to report that I’m sleeping better now, so I hope that continues.

I’m determined to learn to pay for things with my watch now. Nothing makes me feel older than using my credit card and the chip reader. I instinctively do that as a reflex, and I’ve been trying to change to the tap reader (which I forget to do 75% of the time) and then the other day I saw a stylish young woman pay with her watch and thought I need to learn to do that too. So hopefully I can get that set up and never need to bring my wallet with me ever again. Lol.

Elka de-squeaked her stuffy. And then she starts crying and whining and carrying the squeaker around like she just accidentally disemboweled her best friend. Poor thing. I picked up the squeaker and it said in raised plastic letters – game over! your dog wins!

We love babies and Reddit.

We visited Baby Leon! Who arrived auspiciously on Father’s Day. It’s nice to hold a baby. They are so tiny at 3 months old! Yes, we had to do the bounce bounce to calm the little one down. How it all comes back. Bounce bounce bounce and cooing and telling Leon – you are OK! you are OK! See? We are bouncing! More bouncing! Hahaha. And then we give the baby back.

Jeremy has been tirelessly (haha, there is a pun there) working on his bike. He had a very specific problem (which he did spend many minutes talking to me about) and posted about it on Reddit and REDDIT CAME THROUGH and answered his question. Ahhh, sometimes the internet is great.

Happy birthday America.

We had a lovely July 4th weekend which was mostly just the three of us (well four if you count Elka). All these years of having people care for Edda, you get really used to having people in the house, coming and going and I love them all and appreciate the help that they provide us, but it’s also so very nice to have long stretches where it’s just us. We are very used to each other and have a good time together and it’s very relaxing.

It was so very hot outside and very cool inside, so there was a lot of being inside. I caught up with a lot of paperwork (Edda’s annual fiduciary report was due to the court as part of our roles as her guardian) and called/texted a number of friends which always, while it seems like, oh I should talk to so and so, one needs to block off and hour or so to do that properly and texting also takes time. I’ve also spent a lot of time this weekend working on a trip with my parent on a fall trip to Hawaii – just me and my parents and focusing on my mother’s love of plants – I’ve been heavily using Reddit as an information source – which is, one of the last places on the internet that is good. I actually volunteer my time there as a moderator for a top 1% subreddit (over 3/4 of a million subscribers) which has been fun and weird as well.

We did see people – did have a lovely low-key dinner with friends on the 4th. Elka did get dressed up for a microsecond, but she was not invited. Poor thing.

Elka absolutely refuses to walk in the heat and just lies down in the grass in the hot sun leaving the walker person in sweating full sun trying to drag sixty pounds of dog towards the house and therefore she walks at 6 am and then again at like 4 or 5 pm where she makes multiple enormous poops. Girl! Because of the humidity, it doesn’t cool down at night, hence, even at 8 pm, the temperatures registers in the mid-90s.

Jeremy is finally well and has been spending the weekend working on bike projects. Here is what is essentially a glorified crock-pot so he can wax his bike chain. I was like….so…..how much was that crock-pot? And then, he’s like – I don’t want to tell you. Hahaha, it’s not like it’s a secret or anything. All our finances are spilled together and I pay all the bills so I should know. But we like pretending in this way.

Optimizing Edda’s travel.

This last trip to California revealed some issues with Edda’s sleeping arrangements. Currently we use this, but we thought it sprung a leak and it’s heavy to lug around, so we came up with using a single person tent (that we already owned) and so we set it up last night on the floor of Edda’s room on top of a queen bed from the guest room. This tent weighs three pounds vs the twenty of Edda’s other bed.

It’s not perfect. Edda’s main issue is that she likes to snuggle up against the edge of the bed, so we found in the morning that she had shifted the entire tent and moved it to the side and so her head was suspended in the air. Hmmm…

Busy and puppy update.

Sorry loyal blog reader(s), it’s been busy here on this side of the screen. All the things I try to do each day (exercise, practice the guitar & blog) have fallen by the wayside because I’m basically just trying to 1. keep us clean and fed, 2. get Edda to camp and 3. do my job so I have some money to pay for my life. Jeremy is like at 90% today, but for most of last week, he still was quite sick which meant that a lot of house things fell to me. I want to give myself a high five because I did all the things – I made simple dinners which took less time than getting stuff delivered and I was mostly cheerful and not full of stress. Which I could have been, but, you know, I’m trying to change my attitude.

Yes, so the puppies. A friend of ours needed a break from their life and so we offered him a quiet place to sleep for three or four nights last week and he came with 4 four-week old puppies which we were all thrilled about. The puppies came with the dad and the mom, so we had seven dogs in the house. It was fun and stressful at the same time as these things go. They all went home on Saturday, but not before we got to play with them all for a little bit.

The dog dad is kind of a diva/asshole. He refused to walk from the house, so we had to carry him away from the house and then put him down on the sidewalk he’d skitter home.

This is the mom and she is a super competent mom. Nursing every few hours, but not fussing over the babies too much. Keeping them super clean – no pee or poop to be found in the puppy crate. Such fat happy babies. I was super impressed. I really don’t understand how animals know to do this – I had to read like 17 books to understand how to nurse. Would I have known if there were no books? I’m not sure. While she was nursing, I looked on with complete sympathy. Nursing is a big deal and not that much fun. And I had only one at a time. Four! And when she got up to reposition, those puppies would not let go, they would hang from her nipples! What a champ.

And now they are not in the house anymore. Sigh.

Making dinner for my husband.

What weirdness is this? Jeremy is sick and I made dinner for him. Twice! This is very unusual for us. If Jeremy is home, he cooks ALL the time. When he’s out on a business trip or meeting, I’ll cook for for me and the kids or I’ll order out. I also will make myself my own lunch everyday, but I hardly ever cook a meal for Jeremy – it’s interesting after 1/4 century with each other, there can still be novelty. Anyways, it’s been weird cooking dinner for my husband, but that’s what I’ve been doing. And it contains vegetables! And a fruit. So impressed with myself. I also sometimes feel like Jeremy puts such a high bar on a weeknight dinner, that my efforts fall short, but these dinners were just fine and very simple. 20-30 minutes.