Vet and teeth.

Elka loves the vet. She is a weird doggie. She does bump into the vet at the doggie country club (where the vet goes with her doggies) and she climbs onto her lap and says – I love you! Thank you for spaying me and taking good care of me and I love the string cheese that I get. You are the best vet ever, let me lick your face all over. All I know is that I often walk in with a healthy dog, and I walk out having paid a bill of $500. So that’s what I thought I’d do this time. But it was only $200 for a well visit. I love that doggies don’t have HIPPA because I love looking at all the names! Baguette! Orange Boy! Yoda! Fun.

I got so well complimented for Elka’s teeth (she lets me brush her teeth everyday) that I almost blushed. I enjoy brushing Elka’s teeth, but I don’t enjoy brushing Edda’s teeth (she has bitten me strongly and it’s often a weird oral gymnastics, wrestling, sword fight-type thing) and I don’t like brushing my own teeth because I’m lazy. So Elka gets her teeth brushed only after Edda first, mine, second. Because I know the order. Elka can not have the best teeth in the house, absolutely not.

Friday Vibes, Pokemon Go, ice cream.

I took Edda on Friday to a Friday Vibes dinner at Main Street apartments (remember? an apt building half with people with disabilities and half affordable housing…). Friday Vibes is their most popular program with dinner and an activity (and honestly at my favorite time 5-7 pm). Ashley – our very enthusiastic ambassador – a resident of the building and a very welcoming presence, met us at the door and ushered us to a table filled with other ambassadors and newcomers and honestly, it was a fabulous time. So we’ll go again next Friday, this time with Jeremy and he’ll be able to check it out as well. It’s not quite exactly right for Edda, most of these people can manage bus routes and have daytime jobs and take care of their own furry pets – these are skills beyond Edda’s capacity at the moment, but at least it’s a starting point and a beginning to a new community. We’ll see.

Saturday, Eliana took Edda on an outing and Jeremy and I went on a date which included beef noodle soup and a walk with Elka while playing Pokemon Go. That was pretty fun including a stop at Ben and Jerry’s (omg, they got rid of the tiny size and so we got the two smalls (which were enormous) and almost $20 total, yikes – everything, literally everything is sooo expensive), but Elka managed to finagle herself a free doggie ice cream treat.

Where in the world is Jeremy?

Jeremy’s been spending the past few days with Vince and Dani on their spring break. This is why he hasn’t been here, he’s been out of the house trekking/biking/eating and seeing his family. On Saturday, he drove with Vince and Dani up to Klamath to visit Emy and Seth and see their town.

Games were played.

They spent the weekend with Emy and Seth and then on Monday, they drove to see the redwoods.

The photos are amazing. Again, god’s glory, right?

Banana slug educational display.

And then a real life banana slug! <3

Wonderful birthday weekend.

I was a little nervous about this weekend as it was Edda’s birthday on Sunday and Jeremy wasn’t going to be around. Years ago, I made Jeremy promise that he wouldn’t be gone on Edda’s birthday because I’d feel blue about just how different Edda was from other 8, 10 or 12 year olds, so I was kind of ready to feel that way as well this year (we did talk through Jeremy’s absence and he could have been home, but I thought spending time with Vince on the left coast was more important this year) but I didn’t feel that way at all this year. I felt gloriously loved and Edda felt loved and was so happy this entire week.

Alan, Hai and Viv came – last minute almost – to spend the night on Saturday to squeeze in cherry blossom viewing on Sunday. And I had the best time – they came in late on Sat night (like almost 10 pm) and we stayed up talking and looking through old college photos until almost 1 am. And then the next day, we had a celebratory breakfast with Edda for her actual 20th birthday.

I do get nervous about hosting people without Jeremy because I rely so heavily on him for the cooking/food part, but I think after years of watching Jeremy, I was able to pull this off without too much trouble and I bought all the things I wanted for breakfast – bagels, beautiful fruit and I made all the eggs – cheesy and hard boiled. Jeremy has a very involved and complicated coffee set up (not a Keurig) – so I had to get him to email me instructions (because I don’t drink coffee because all of you coffee drinkers are addicted and can not function without a cup and if there was a zombie apocalypse and they stole all the coffee, I would be fine and all you would be going through withdrawal and acting like the exact zombies that were trying to take over the world) and in the morning, I pulled Alan aside to the setup and said – OK, you’d like some coffee and here’s Jeremy’s set up, does any of this look familiar to you? And we happily stumbled through making a single cup of coffee.

They wanted to get up and out early, but they didn’t get going until almost noon and not after 5 minutes that they left, Nat showed up with this elegant, handmade strawberry cake.

And we all ate cake together for lunch! And Nat said the sweetest thing – she’s about 6 months pregnant as she said she met her husband and is going to have a baby all because Edda brought her here to the US. And it’s true, Edda brings people together and I hope it continues for-evah. And then Ning stopped by with some flowers and we chatted about an upcoming trip we are taking together soon!

I tucked in a run on the treadmill and then prepped for Sunday night dinner (I made Mexican lasagne and rice and beans) and Colleen brought this enormous beautiful cake (to feed 20…we were only 7) and it was a lot of fun to chat and talk and they left a 8 pm.

I have a bunch of birthday hats including this one which Christine wore at dinner. And we laughed and sang together and it was a lot of fun. Thank you all for making it such a special day for Edda and me.

Davis, math, cake.

Jeremy is in Davis (well, he was in Davis, now he’s driving towards Oregon) and got to take Vince and pals out to dinner – Mexican? I guess with the chips and salsa on the table. These are soon to be professional engineers! They will be responsible for water safety, genetic engineering, manufacturing compliance, etc. No biggies. Hahaha. Please take care of all of use as we age and start yelling – get off my lawn! Jeremy is taking Vince and Dani on a short spring break trip to see Seth and Emy and then winding around some beautiful coastline and will be back soon. Soon-ish.

My parents took Edda and friends out for her birthday dinner at the new lively Shake Shake near their house. It was fun, they have a new Korean burger which Briana did partake of. My mom marveled at the touch screen ordering system. My dad spent a bit of time math tutoring which (paired equations), honestly, was super cute and adorable. My mom told him he was teaching it wrong and to do it the other way and then my dad was like – you teach her then! and then my mom closed her mouth. But then later he backtracked and retaught it my mom’s way. Classic. Brings back childhood memories.

Then we went to my parents house for cake which Edda was super keen about. Look at that excitement.

This is the same cake that I had last week with Gene. Edda was like – get that in my tummy.


Edda’s birthday week is starting already. Her 20th (!) birthday is on Sunday and school had their celebration yesterday.

School makes me very happy :). And Edda too.

Cupcakes and cheese balls. A week of crazy food.

So, Jeremy’s on this long business trip and spring break trip with Vince and Dani, so he’ll be gone almost two weeks. Jeremy tries to not travel so much, but this time, the timing of spring break and his meetings kind of necessitated this lengthy bit away from the house. Usually, in the past, I’ve tried to “keep up” with everything while he’s gone, but not this time. I’m taking half days off of work, I’m letting school buy her lunches instead of me packing them and I’m calling friends and hanging out outside and playing guitar and going for runs. I’m letting the dishes pile and the kitchen get messy, but I do find enough time to make the house neat every 36 hours or so. Also, in the past, I’ve devolved into eating frozen pizza and ready-made meals for dinner, and this time, I’m learning to make super simple, healthy dinners for me and Edda. Mostly one sheet wonders (baked chicken with green beans) or a simple baked salmon with roasted acorn squash – with only salt, pepper and olive oil for seasoning. That’s it. No extra spices or marinating or anything. Just unpack it from the package throw it on an baking sheet, salt, pepper and olive oil and into the oven until it’s done. Jeremy sets a high bar for home cooked weeknight meals, but I’m learning to lower the bar but also eat like I want to eat.


I’m generally a godless person, but I make exceptions in times of great tragedy or great beauty. I suppose god would forgive me for being so fickle and not loyal because I can be stubborn.