The weekend I missed.

While I was working at the hospital, Jeremy and Edda had an unusually packed weekend. This started with a Friday night excursion to Baltimore to see Seth who was in town for a conference. Doubt of the success of this excursion crept into Jeremy’s mind as he navigated traffic between here and there, but it turned out to be a wonderful night. The three of them together went to half-price Friday night at the aquarium which instead of being incredibly expensive, was just expensive.

Edda loved the fish. They had been doing a unit on fish at school during the week, so this visit tied in nicely.

Then they had dinner – so late!

Seth was able to do some amazing networking at the conference, so that was good news.

On Saturday, Ning and Brian held a housewarming party – full of food. I told Jeremy to look around to see if they needed anything for housewarming and Jeremy was like – they are missing nothing! So I still need to figure out what to get them.


I worked at the hospital on Friday and Saturday. It’s been a long, long time since I did two shifts in a row. Friday was easy-ish. Saturday was brutal. I had all my patients from Friday and then a new nurse who was on orientation and a student nurse and, seriously, every patient was crazy. I don’t mean crazy in a insulting way, just crazy in the way all of us are crazy when we are sick/tired/at our wits end and, you know, unfiltered. I was called both a racist and a heathen who will burn in hell. It was that kind of day.

These were taken on Friday, the quieter day.

Transport phenomenon.

(This is a photo of Vince at Powell’s Books in downtown Portland. Isn’t the person in front of him a perfect example of a Portland-er? – like if you plucked them out of the photo and put them in a photo studio and asked – ok, which major US city does this person belong to, you’d say – Portland!)

Vince started class yesterday! So late! I can’t quite believe it. Finally, he’s in his junior year, it’s time to take fluid dynamics. It’s a class that my parents (my mom’s PhD thesis is on fluids) took and then I took – like 3 times, literally (and then miserably failed my qualifying exam at Caltech on it) and now Vince is going to take it. He’s been hearing about the Navier-Stokes equation for years and I’m afraid he’s going to get it tattooed on his body under the ideal gas law which is already tattooed onto his body, but he wisely decided to delay it until he learned about it at school. He is known around campus as the guy with the ideal gas law tattoo, which I’m both happy about (it’s my favorite equation) and like omg, he’s such a nerd about. I was wondering if he’d be using Bird, Stewart and Lightfoot (BSL) like my parents did and I did, but he is not! He’s using something else. Looks like he has a good professor for it…

Vacation & update.

We are back from vacation. Edda is back at school and we are back to work. A few quick photos from the week:

A walk in the bay area with Jeremy’s high school friends Ben & Steve at Inspiration point:

We, by chance, rented a Chrysler Pacifica minivan, which is a plug-in hybrid. We had a good time charging a friends’ houses or finding different charging stations around – a period of time where Jeremy was trying to not use any gas and we were drafting behind semis to improve our range. Fun.

It was a very fancy Chrysler – it had lots of USB outlets, many many screens and a “fam cam” to look at all your passengers.

We met a bunch of Vince’s friends and hosted a burrito dinner. A pair ordered this enormous three pound burrito. The person holding the burrito is decked out in UCDavis gear because he works at the bookstore and these items are slightly mis-printed so he got them that day for free.

Jeremy reattempted his 1-hour-up-Mt-Diablo bike ride for the 3rd time in 4 years and basically got the same time as the last 2 times – 63-64 minutes. He tried many different approaches to training which included: losing weight, gaining weight & lifting, less structured training approach, more structured training approach, more volume, etc. etc. I thought he could gain the 3 minutes with better pacing and not with fitness, but he said this final time, he thought he paced pretty well (not going out too fast). I think he’s going to let this goal go…and turn to other things.

We drove to Ashland Oregon on the 13th and on the 14th, my 50th birthday, I woke to a beautiful day and a good mood and I ran a half marathon up and down the local mountain. 5000 ft of elevation gain and one of the best runs of my life. Gorgeous trail, only about 5 groups of people – so the entire wilderness almost to myself. We were lucky! Just a week ago, Ashland was smoky from the nearby wildfires and I was unsure I’d be able to do this run.

Our stay in Ashland was short, but beautiful. Our air BnB was nice and close to downtown so we could walk to all the cute shops.

Jeremy rode his bike the following morning.

And we left town having the most beautiful breakfast.

And then we drove to the outskirts of Portland to my mom’s home-cooked meal

We walked along the river.

And enjoyed a more elaborate, celebratory dinner for my 50th.

My mom in her natural environment – her garden.

Jeremy got to ride with an old friend of ours – Mike. He was on our first date (a long story).

We sent Vince home via plane on Saturday and we flew home on Sunday. It was a lovely week, I complimented Jeremy on the vacation planning logistics – it’s not easy to plan, book all the things and I thought the vacation was well-paced. But it was not without stresses, the main one being that on my birthday, a few hours after I finished running, we got an email from Edda’s new aftercare (where she had been for only four days, so, you know, I figured was still getting to know each other) saying that she wasn’t a good fit for them and that they were terminating services. So I spent a good deal of time afterwards, on the vacation, crying about this. I wished they had sent the email the next day, the day after my birthday, but how were they to know? All these years, I had thought Edda was too much trouble and too hard to take care of, but honestly, all the programs, all of Edda’s caregivers (well except for Tilli…these things have a long half-life in my memory), have all embraced her and reassured me about this – that she’s a “lovebug”. Until now! Anyways, I got home – yesterday was kind of terrible because I was weepy from the jet lag and then I had to deal with some aftermath of the aftercare stuff. But it’s mostly straightened out. The logistics, that is. No so much the heartache.

Lastly, I wanted to give a shout out to George, out dog sitter, who hung out with Elka all week and managed her poopyface behavior and OMG Elka looks so much more grown up after we got home. Like she went from a tween to a grown doggie. Thank you so much for taking such good care of Elka <3.


We are on vacation on the west coast. We are taking vacation in the fall, which I enjoy. The temperatures are cooler, the crowds less crowded, I get a thrill from skipping school and work when everyone else is schooling/working. Vince is not in school yet, it starts at the end of Sept. And it’s my birthday week!

Of course, I’ll start with the logistics. I hired Jeremy’s nephew (not really, but close enough… I think 1st cousin once removed) George to be Elka’s companion for the week. He’s staying in the house with Elka, so my vacation really started on Friday when I took most of the day off to pack and pick up George and his computer set up, bring all that back home, set up the computer in the house, go grocery shopping to make sure George is well nourished, pack some more, order pizza and introduce George and Elka to each other. I usually do not have someone in the house to watch the resident pet dog, but I’m a bit self conscious about Elka and her small bladder and tendency to be incontinent, so I wanted her to pee only in my house if she was going to pee in anyone’s house.

Our flight was late afternoon on Saturday, Jeremy booked us out of Dulles and home from National, so he dropped us off at Dulles, drove the car to National and took an Uber back to Dulles. We had a plan of early, early check in, but the counter didn’t open until 2 hours before our flight. We probably could have used another 30 minutes. We are not only traveling with Edda and all her gear, we were also traveling with Jeremy’s bike and all that gear. We do not travel light. Sometimes I look at other people whose family members each pack one carry on rolling bag for a week in Europe and I’m like, nope nope nope. Not us.

In the security line, one of the TSA agents kindly pulled us aside and recommended that we should get PreCheck for Edda, that then they would only have to wipe down her hands. I mentioned that we travel so rarely with Edda that it didn’t seem worth it and the wipe down they do never seems too onerous, but then Edda got pulled aside and they did the most involved wipe down, full body thing I’ve ever seen them do which took at least 15 minutes. I’m not sure if it because she’s 18 now, or what, but while I was waiting for them to finish it, I was like – OK, that’s worth paying for PreCheck to skip.

Edda did great on the flight to SFO, rocking back and forth and enjoying her TV. I had a long sleeved shirt on so her rubbing didn’t bother me, but the velcro on her arm braces were tough on Jeremy’s arm.

And we are at SFO. The unloading of the luggage/rental car went smoothly. We got into the van and started to drive to Davis. About 20 minutes from leaving the airport, we got a text from George that Elka had pooped in his room (!, she really has only pooped in the house the first week she was with us) and then when George went to go get a poop bag to pick it up, she decided to eat the poop. Ahhh, poopyface re-emerges. Poor Elka, poor George.


Yesterday was Jeremy’s 54th birthday. To celebrate, I made a ginger cake the night before. Jeremy loves a ginger cake with a full cup of minced fresh ginger. I mixed all the things together and popped it into the oven when I realized that I had forgotten the eggs! I pulled it back out, added the eggs and put it back in the oven. And then I left it too close to the upper rack and you can see that it baked into the rack a bit. ooops.

It was delicious and we are eating it at all meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner.

to my old man, my darling, many many more ginger cakes together.

Too hot.

It got really hot in Davis yesterday. Hot enough to make the national news and break all sorts of records. I got a text from Vince in the late afternoon saying the power went out at his apartment – perhaps from overload or from rolling blackouts? Yikes. I’m not sure. Anyways, they headed to the pool at their complex. I told him to hydrate!


Sofie and I hung out on Monday – we made keto cookies for her dad. Given that keto and cookies are like not at all related, I think they turned out lovely. There were no flour, sugar or butter in these cookies. And that is basically what a cookie is – flour, sugar and butter. (The sprinkles are not keto – we made an exception).

We also spent part of the afternoon like this – Edda (still in her PJs in the afternoon watching a video), Sofie with a slushie from Kung Fu Tea and watching a youtube video on my phone and I’m trying to take a quick nap without anyone noticing by having a dog cover my body.


Washington Monthly named UCDavis the 2nd best public university in the country. This ranking was based on social mobility, research, and promoting public service, all things I am proud of Davis doing. Vince was very pleased when he told me this. The only other public university to outrank Davis was Berkeley. To which Vince told me, well that doesn’t matter because Berkeley sucks! Hahaha. We are spending a quiet labor day weekend at home. Catching up on work and finishing laundry!!

My boys.

I found this photo on our shared photo stream…what was Jeremy doing yesterday? Testing out his camera set up no doubt. Sometimes, I feel like I don’t recognize his face. It changes all the time. Hair color, wrinkles, glasses, hair length, smiling, serious. Is it because I see it all the time? It can be harder for me to imagine his face in my mind compared to other people I see much less often. Maybe because I see it in all its different configurations.

Vince moved into his apartment successfully – this is the first year he’s living with friends. We are now ordering beds and bedding to be delivered to the house. Let’s see how that goes. He seems happy which makes me very happy :).