Yesterday we went to Coyote Grill with Caleb, Todd and Esther. It was actually not bad food and quite lively discussion. We also bumped into a red haired Seth, our landlord who wanted us to sign another year lease.

Last night was Girls’ Night Out at Eileen’s house. It was a lot of fun getting my feet soaked and pumiced. I bought a bunch of products, we’ll see how it goes. Edda gained 2 pounds in 2 weeks, an impressive gain and I signed up for piano lessons starting on Monday!

So Mom was here for a week or so and helped out tremendously with everything. She was great. We dropped her off in Albany last night and had dinner at the hotel and now it’s just back to me. Which is a bit of a trial. Hmmm… Jeremy’s trip went really, really well and it’s going to reach almost 90 degrees today. Wow!