What a nice weekend. The weather improved from totally humid and yucky on Friday, to much better now. On Friday, we went to the park. On Saturday, Vince and Jeremy went to the Poughkeepsie Farm Project to pick strawberries and to run errands. I packed and hung out with Edda. That evening, we went to the park and had a wonderful salad and turnip dinner. The turnips were delicious, so tender and yummy. I was very happy. Then today we had a bagel brunch with the Martins who are on their way to Putney. And Jeremy cleaned up my hair and now I have a cute bob!

Sunday, we had brunch with the Hungs. Went to their house in Los Altos Hills and went to lunch at Ming’s. They had recently come back from Taiwan to move the bone’s of their parents. At Ming’s we had the most delicious fried fish and spicy XO sauce. Very nice afterburn. Donald was there and I negotiated at stay at their house in the shed in their backyard. Donald and Mr. Hung played chess and we all talked about real estate. Then we headed to the airport and got on our red-eye flight and came home.

Yesterday, we saw Susan Kim who was in town on a house hunting trip for her new job at Morgan Stanley. We had lunch together in Palo Alto and then we played in a park for a while. She says she’ll be working 80-100 hours a week and she’ll be starting in mid July. We are relieved that she didn’t buy a house, but is renting. Last night, we didn’t have any plans and thus, we got a little antsy with each other. Today we got up and drove over to Litian’s house in Fremont and went to a park. The park was full of Chinese people. I told Jeremy that he could learn Chinese just by moving to Fremont. Vince got to ride in a Barbie battery-powered car. Then we went over to Jenny and Vince’s in Morgan Hill. Beautiful view and high up in the hills. We saw Helen and played in their playground in their backyard. Mom and Dad bought a house outside Portland.

Well, we are finally in the Larkspur Landing Hotel, which feels remarkably like home since we’ve stayed here many, many times. Our flight from NY was epic. We left the house at 1 pm for a 7 pm flight. Vince was a bit of a screamer and was tiring for Jeremy. We checked into the Burlingame Hyatt because Vince was a little bit sick and we were worried about contaminating the Machols. The next day we went to Tilden park to meet up with Steve, Tienne, Max, Ben, Marianne, Julia, Sam, Ananda, Tenere and Joiquin. It was a lot of fun and later we went to Steve and Tienne’s house in Berkeley and had a great pizza party. That night, it was hard for Vince to fall asleep. On Sunday, we hung out with Donald and went to the Palo Alto Zoo. The next day I purchased the double stroller and Vince slept in the car for 3 hours. On Tuesday, Vince, Edda and I hung out with Donald all day. We went to the Burlingame park and then to the Stanford Shopping Center. We ended the day by watching the Lakers/Pistons game on TV. By this this time, Jeremy had spoken to Dad’s friend’s brother who gave the keynote address at the conference. On Wed, we went to the park in the morning and then moved all our stuff to the Landing. Today we drove back up to Burlingame and hung out at the park again. This afternoon, we went to Donald’s bike shop Chain Reaction and tried out the little Trek bikes for Vince.