At the Applewood.

Last night Sunny took me out for a pre-birthday dinner at our (or maybe just my) favorite place – Applewood Pizza in Menlo Park. Somehow, wheneve we find time to get together, 4 out of the last 5 times have been at the Applewood. Still, it’s good pizza and last night didn’t disappoint either. Sunny’s off to Cancun for a week and when she comes back she gets to have her committee meeting! I now have her entire CD collection to rip to MP3’s too. Muhahahhahah.

Incidentally, her advisor apparently had some of my tart. He was pretty amazed. Another guy in her lab, Joe, apparently had half of it. I had fixed his bike a while ago, and apparently, he’s falling in love with me.

Tooth, Work, Trip, etc

One of my teeth is very bad. It needs attention right away. Friday is the day. Probably more visits are needed.

Company approved my vacation plan. Therefore, will be back here after vacation. I will park my car in the Company’s parking lot while vacationing.

Ready for the trip. Will be at Mom’s place on April 8th (hope Donald will show up) and be in Las Vegas the week after that.