Jeremy has a big bike race in NY this weekend. He’s ridden an average of 2 hours a day for the last month (well over 1,000 miles), carefully tweaked his workouts, and dropped to race weight. I’m both super impressed and kind of a little taken aback by his obvious obsession and efforts. Fingers crossed the weather is good and the stars align for a good race! xoxoxo! Go Jeremy!

He spent the weekend weighing bike parts on our kitchen scale.

George, shift, walker.

We celebrated George’s birthday on Sunday with Domino’s pizza and donuts. A fun night had by all.

I attached the dishwasher to the garden hose and rigged up some electrical adapter to be able to run the dishwasher in our garage. We got our familiar error code. I promised myself that I’d make one good effort to fix this thing (which broke in Sept 2020) before I call it a day (or a half year) and spend $800 on a new dishwasher. I pray to the appliance gods, sometimes I can fix for $25 dollars and an afternoon of time.

Jeremy made me this beautiful sandwich for my shift yesterday.

A rare shift selfie. It was a quiet shift – so quiet that we emptied and sent home half the unit and had to send a nurse home too! Not me unfortunately, I kept my full load of patients.

Here’s Edda rocking her stander and watching TV.

Sharon, walker, puzzling.

I drove early Sat am to Virginia in the morning to see friends Sharon and Kevin (Jenna was sleeping) and pick up a walker that they were no longer using. We chatted for a bit and I tried to coax their doggie Violet to say hello to me (generally unsuccessful.) These small visits with friends and pals are lifting my soul these days, I’m still struggling through my persistent low grade bad mood. Honestly, I want to stay in bed all day and I do spend a lot of day in bed for no reason, even though I know getting out of bed makes me feel infinitely better.

When we got home, we tinkered with it for a bit. It’s most appropriately designed for a child who is about 6 inches shorter than Edda who can not walk and is learning to walk, but we are using it to allow Edda to walk without us being 1-on-1 spotter. It’s when she has a seizure when she is walking that she’ll fall like a felled tree and smack her head on the ground (she’s done this a number of times, sigh.) So then we are terrified to let her walk (because we’ve also been in the situation where someone sees her have a seizure while walking and rushes to try to catch her and then fails). And the seizure happen both rarely and frequently and unpredictably (about once every 3 weeks) and we want her to walk a lot. We got it set up, removed a lot of the auxiliary accessories. I got into it and tried to fall in it to make sure it wouldn’t tip over with my weight in it. And then, she tried it out. Yesterday, Edda seemed confused in the contraption, walking only backwards and in circles. But today, she got the hang of it and walked to the TV, into the kitchen, back and forth to the dining room table. Also, those wheels are constantly running into the cabinets, tables, walls. We might have to rubber bumper the house.

Aaaaannnndd, we are puzzling!

Deb, cicadas, bears.

We had a lovely dinner at home last night with Deb, one of Edda’s favorite OTs. We started seeing Deb weekly when Edda was 3 or 4 and didn’t stop until Deb retired about 5 years ago. (Vincie also went to Deb for about 3-4 months back when he was a 2nd or 3rd grader to correct some backwards letters in his handwriting and she helped tremendously which Vince did reminisce about during a phone call after dinner last night, but he said that while his handwriting is pretty good now, spelling was still a problem. I said spelling was outside the scope of Deb’s practice.) Edda showed off her hand/fork self-feeding skills which are surprisingly good. We’d been worried about Edda’s walking, but Deb says that Edda seems steadier somehow.

Jeremy is still training insanely for a bike race next week. He slightly rearranged the home gym over the last few days adding a 2nd remote-controlled fan to the setup.

My mid-day walk showed the crazy cicadas. These climbing on iris stalks.

Alice, Sofi and I ate (not cicadas), but berries off of a tree. I’ve lived by this tree for 12 summers and have never eaten anything from this tree. But now I will.

This is both a surprising and kind of sad update from Vince’s college. Most of the alerts have been about Covid, but yesterday was about a bear. And then the bear got hit by a car and died. 🙁

I’m still feeling blue. I think it’s mainly hormonal, but it’s a drag. Sometimes I think I don’t know how to have fun. It’s OK, it’s just a feeling. It will pass. Look at these amazing 90ish year old men from Japan breaking the world record in the M90-95 4×400 – splits are: 2:07 / 2:34 / 2:27 and (holy crap!) 1:40!!!!

Cat therapy.

I’ve been in a bad mood for a couple of weeks now. When I was younger, I thought that my bad moods were based on something bad happening to me at that time. Now I think my bad moods are independent of anything happening outside of me. My life is seriously objectively better now than it was two weeks ago! And I can’t shake this – ugh- bad mood. I need to pet a cat. Lol.

Biking, cupcakes.

Jeremy went bike riding in Frederick this morning. I have nothing to report except that it was a good workout and he’s feeling strong.

Edda’s class had a going away/thank you party (after school! in person! outside in the courtyard!) for everyone’s Best Buddies, especially the seniors who are graduating and leaving us. We would have liked to have gone and participated, but we couldn’t because of COVID rules. So we bought Georgetown cupcakes which for whatever reason, delights everyone. I knew there were going to be a lot of snacks, so we got the individual boxes so everyone could take theirs home. We accidentally ordered the birthday assortment which actually has birthday wishes on top. Whoops! It’s someone’s birthday, I’m sure.

TV, biking, Jane.

OMG. This TV. It’s like I’ve never seen TV before. I don’t think we’ve bought a state of the art TV in over 15 years. Go QLED technology material scientists. We’ve always bought cheap-ish, small-ish TVs or waited for Vickey to outgrow her state of the art TVs and give them to us. I can’t believe how good Finding Nemo looks. Or how people seem to be sitting in your living room. It’s really a shame that my eyesight is aging so quickly – I’m sure it this TV would look even more fantastic with 16 year old eyes. Edda is delighted. We consume a tremendous amount of media, but we don’t (except for Edda) sit in front of a TV and watch shows together. Jeremy watches lots bike races and commentary on a paid bike sports channel and various youtube channels, mostly on computer monitors set up in the kitchen while he cooks and in front of his indoor bike while he rides. I generally watch random things on youtube or Netflix, but almost always privately on my phone. Never the Crown, Game of Thrones, that tiger wife show, the kardashian shows or Bridgerton. I eagerly watched Away, My Octopus Teacher and Queen’s Gambit on Netflix. I watched Fleabag on Amazon Prime.

Jeremy went on his first group ride since the beginning of the pandemic. I’m glad he got to go. Look at all those MAMILs.

Jane cooked Sunday night dinner. I’m so sorry I missed this (I was at the hospital working). She hit it out of the park with vodka pasta, a salad, app and dessert. And Jeremy said the conversation and company was lovely.

Outfit, Vickey, TV.

This has been one of my favorite pandemic outfits. Both the sweatshirt and pants were given to me by (different) people I love, but I think they would both agree that I look wacky and slightly ridiculous, especially when paired together. Now that people are emerging from their homes and talking with one another, I have had numerous, serious and lengthy conversations wearing this exact outfit and I often leave the conversation thinking – omg, they saw me in my pandemic outfit. I know, why wear it out? But I do. I’m lazy. You know Chinese people hang out on their porches in their underwear, right? (OK, mostly older men.) Gah. I’m attached to this outfit, it really leans into my crazy old Asian lady esthetic that I’m eagerly running towards – I just need some sparkle something – socks? or maybe on the sandals? But I think I might have to give this particular combination up now that I’m not really quarantined. Honestly, I’m a little loath to do it, to give it up that is. We’ll see what happens.

I wore the sweatshirt (not with the pants! progress.) to Vickey’s house where I hung out with her and her mother. The last time I went to Vickey’s house, it was late October and it was raining and super cold and we hung out on her back porch shivering and thinking omg, this pandemic is the worst thing ever – when will I ever be able to hang out in her house?

Vickey, as always, was a great host, making a delicious lunch with a recipe from Ina Garten. Her mom made a great cheese bread. I took the whole day as a vacation and drove to Virginia. I’m so out of practice with the driving. And there was a Friday afternoon traffic jam on 495 (of course). Took me almost 2 hours to get home (I also might have missed some exits in my weird unpracticed driving fog.)

I came home to find that Edda’s giant TV had been delivered. Edda’s Roku had broken (it made an actually physical clicking sound – is there a whirring something or other inside that little black box? it’s hard to imagine any moving parts in that thing.) and instead of buying a new Roku device, we bought a whole entire TV around the new, but TV-implanted, Roku device. Edda was delighted (she never asks for anything, honestly). Jeremy was like – this TV has quantum dots in it. I’m like – really? those, honestly, sound very small there must be a a quadbijillion of those dots in that single TV. Who knows – the marketing people like the sound of the word quantum. We plugged it in – shoved the bookshelves over (apt) and put the TV front and center. Unfortunately, some of her favorite shows (mostly Blue’s Big Music Show) have not been remastered for 4K resolution and look pretty bad on the new TV. Who wants to watch a pixelated Steve? And no one is going back to remaster the old Blue’s Clues shows. Sigh. (Though Finding Nemo in 4K is amazing.) Edda is much, much less picky about TV than she was in the past. In the past, she would walk over and cry and hit you if you didn’t show her one of her favorite 6 tv shows or movies. Now she’s pretty chill. So I think it’s mostly me that will be sad that Blue’s Big Musical Show won’t be on the TV as often.


The cicadas are out in the neighborhood. Honestly, the anticipatory build up was enormous, and there are a lot of cicadas around the old trees in the neighborhood, but on our street, all the old trees lining the sidewalks have been cut down, and so one can walk down our street and not even know that it’s cicada season. I think they are suppose to make a noise, but I can’t hear them.

Maxi tries to eat them after sniffing them for a bit, but she spits them out usually.

The bird feeder is attracting no birds, only deer, so I assume all the birds are eating the cicadas.

I was trying to remember 34 years ago (17×2) if I remember the cicadas then. It would have been the summer between 9th and 10th grade. I think I didn’t notice them then because I was living in a brand new development with all of the soil disturbed and the old trees cut down. Seventeen years ago (2004), I was tending to a toddler and a newborn in Millbrook, NY and they don’t hang out there. And I would have been too tired/busy to notice.