Boring updates.

Jeremy is feeling well enough to do some light workouts. This is what his test looked like today.

I spent most of yesterday resting and sleeping and I feel pretty good today. This is my test result this morning (disregard the dirty rug pls):

Someone asked if I was sicker getting Covid or sicker from the vaccine. For Jeremy, no question, was sicker from getting Covid. For me, it might be a toss up – I think the reaction from the shot was stronger, but was shorter. This illness will take a week for me to recover from. Eh, I think I’m sicker from Covid than from the vaccine. Anyways, I couldn’t get anyone else sick from the vaccine and this whole week I could have gotten someone sick which makes me feel bad. lI have mixed feelings about getting covid now. I feel a little disappointed because I managed to avoid it for so long – to get it now when the numbers are so low, I feel like I failed a bit. But I’m also a bit relieved because I know I got the most current variant and now have hybrid immunity, I should be protected for a bit until the next variant – which I estimate is 6-8 months. No need to get the 2nd booster.

The most boring spring break ever.

So I’m still sick. Everyday, we get up and we each do a rapid test. We are going through them rapidly (lol). Today Jeremy is almost negative. I’m still pretty strongly positive. I’m sick, but I’m not as sick as Jeremy was last week. I think somehow, this has changed my idea of what I should work through and what I should rest through. In before times, I would have doggedly gone through my days and worked full days at my present level of sickness and just felt “worn out”, but this week – kind of because I had already thought this was my spring break week and somehow because I have a test that gives me a clear purple line that says – hey dude, you are sick! – I did take the time off as sick time and I’m mostly trying to rest. I look back and think, why did I drag myself to work so many times not feeling well? I don’t know. There were whole semesters in college where I had colds that seemed to last for weeks which now I think was due to scrimping on sleep and that I wasn’t eating well and because I was so overworked, I just couldn’t kick the cold. Anyways, this covid will take a full week to get out of my system, I can tell it’s a sticky one, I’ve have had pretty much the same level of sickness for three days now. I hope it doesn’t turn into a long covid thing. I am doing small things, attending some work meetings where I have to only be there, I’m working on estate planning and bills, etc. But only at a lowish, slow level.

I feel very well taken care of, Jeremy is minding Edda (who is laughing and very happy and very negative) and he’s cooking me my meals. I’ve had people offer to get me food. Vickey send me a fruit bouquet which I was very surprised and excited to receive.

It’s wonderful that I don’t have to isolate from Jeremy, only from Edda. So he makes a delicious dinner and feeds Edda first and then settles her next to the tv and we eat dinner outside.

I’ve been able to give Jeremy a haircut.

Vince called yesterday and said – hey mom. And I smiled and said kind of pitifully, I have the ‘rona. And he said – I know, I’m sorry, I hope you feel better soon. I told him to wear his mask more and get tested himself and he may have kind of rolled his eyes. He’s having a good time. He hosted a dinner party last weekend. He’s planning on going to the beach next weekend.

He made sheet pan pizza for his friends which he says was super delicious. We talked about how expensive groceries were and how to host parties on a budget.

He looks and is happy. I can kind of see in him bits of myself, but also he is entirely his own person, figuring it out like the rest of us.

argh. now i’m positive.

So…because Jeremy was positive and Edda and I were both negative (PCR tested), we decided to do this week’s spring break trip without Jeremy. We were going to go to Asheville with Jeremy’s parents, their friends from NYC and our downstairs tenants and friends Ning, Brian and Noah. I rapid tested on Sunday morning – negative, so Jeremy’s parents came down for the night while Jeremy stayed hidden away and we were going to drive down today.

But! I tested positive this morning about 30 minutes before we were to leave. Waa, waa, waa, waaaahhh. Oh well. We sent Bob and Katherine on their own. Their friends are flying in from NYC. Ning and Brian are already halfway to Asheville visiting family this past weekend.

Jeremy did get quite sick from Covid this past week – with relatively high fevers and not feeling good. But I feel almost fine. Like 95-98 %. I’ve had a tickle in my throat since Sat night and a very intermittent cough/sneeze. I ran 8 miles yesterday (when I tested negative) with the same symptoms I have today. I hope I did not get Jeremy’s parents sick – I masked and stayed away from them for the few hours we were together yesterday. They got their 2nd boosters last week. We made it more than 2 years without getting sick – neither of us have gotten our 2nd boosters, though now there might not need to be a need.

Anyways, I’m in isolation now, and Jeremy is minding Edda. I took care of Edda all last week, I’m hoping I didn’t give it to her. I was pretty good about masking around her and taking turns eating so I was always masked feeding her. I think Jeremy is happy to have access to the kitchen again.


Jeremy is still sick – running a fever. Poor guy, I went out to buy him some sorbet and chicken noodle soup.

Vince has been calling less which I take as a good sign – he’s having fun at school and is busy. He called last night and this morning to catch me up on quantum mechanics and things he’s working on. He’s busy! Not in his apartment much. All good things.


I won’t bury the lede – Jeremy has covid. Felt bad Monday night and then Tuesday morning (who knew these things worked?! lol).

He’s fine – mild symptoms. Body aches, headache, low fever, congestion. It all responds well to Motrin and he sends me pictures of his pulse ox. Ever since the known exposure on Sunday night, we’ve been masking around each other and sleeping in different rooms. And once we got the positive result, we moved Jeremy and his work computer into the guest room where he remains this morning hanging out by himself and a bunch of squishmallows. I would say he’s bored. He’s intermittently sleeping/working.

I’m fine. I feel good. I’m negative. But, you know, every tickle-y thing in your throat, every itch in your nose, makes one feel like – omg, I’m getting sick. Edda seems fine too. She’s going to school. But we cancelled anything in the house – childcare, dinners, etc.

We are having the water main on our street replaced, so they ran these bypass pipes along the side of the street and ran garden hoses to the houses for water. Someone ran into one of the connecting spigots last night and created a geyser which flooded the street. We are a lot of fun here.

Surprise, Delaware, covid.

Friday night, we hosted a surprise birthday part for Mike! It was all Sofie’s idea – she made the guest list and asked me to invited people I did not know and she told me the cake flavor (german chocolate). So we all got there at about 6pm and then waited for Sofie to get Mike and we did manage a surprised Mike :). Lots of fun. I did make the german chocolate cake and I think it turned out great – one of my own lifetime baking highlights.

Sofie told me (rather emphatically) that I should buy Mike some Smartwool socks which I did, but then other party goers had asked me earlier in the week what to buy Mike – and I told them said that Sofie told me to buy Smartwool socks and (I did not know this), they went out to buy socks as well. So it was really funny that all he got for his birthday was socks from different people.

We then, on Saturday, we drove to St Andrew’s in Delaware to visit Dan, Jeremy’s friend from college and bike coach/consultant. Eliana took care of Edda for one night and we went on a date! It’s been a long time since we’ve been on an overnight date.

The boys went biking, I went canoeing and running.

We did have a nice time, but we’ve been managing/figuring out COVID stuff. Edda did get sent home last Wed for a fever of 100. But the school doesn’t have accurate thermometers (!?) so they were kind of guessing. I took her home – she never measured a fever all day, but she did sound ever so slightly off. And when I say not a fever, I got 98.9 which isn’t a fever, but I know is warm. Usually people measure in the 97s. She had a dr appointment on Thursday in the am for an annual physical/guardianship paperwork and measured a fine normal temp through all the temp checks, but she still sounded off. So I kept her at home on Thursday. On Thursday night, she had a slightly elevated temp of 99.0 (which normally, I don’t count as a fever at the hospital – the cutoff is 99.4) – so I decided to keep her home on Friday. At this time, I’m trying to rescue the surprise party on Friday – I had people coming in from Pennsylvania and we couldn’t postpone until next week as it’s spring break and we are all scattering – we were home testing her for COVID, everything was negative. She had a PCR test on Tuesday one day before symptoms and was negative. On Friday – she was fine, no fever, sounded great. So the party went on. And we went to Delaware on Saturday. We arrived and Quinn had a slight cough, but had tested that morning and was negative. We had a great time, eating/laughing at their cat antics, canoeing, getting phones that had fallen into a river and then on Sunday, Quinn was feeling bad enough to stay in bed. Dan told us just that morning, there was a small outbreak of 5 positive cases at the school and by the time we got home, we got a call that she was positive for covid. So then last night – we abruptly left DC Martin Sunday night dinner in mid-dinner and we slept in separate bedrooms and are masking around the house. We’ll know in 2-3 days if we got it.

Ferment, sabbatical, construction.

Ah, the week has been going by too quickly. Vince had a nice spring break last week – he fermented things – kombucha and kimchi. I think he also slept a lot. Now he’s a week into the spring quarter – it’s a big one – with quantum mechanics. I mentioned that I had never taken quantum before and he asked if I went to college before quantum mechanics was discovered (!) – like in the 1980s. I laughed and said I said that I did not go to college in the 80s, it was the 90s and then Jeremy piped up and said that he went to college in the 80s- and yes, it had been discovered already – but it was not a required class for my major. Jeremy, unfortunately, got to take quantum at Caltech. ooooooff. that, I assume, was not fun.

V’s kimchi.

I had always assumed that the glass on the outside layer of our staircase chandelier was frosted. Turns out – no – it’s just insanely dirty. I spent about 4 days cleaning it about 5 minutes at a time standing on a ladder and using sticks with washcloths draped over the end. I’ve decided that it’s not that I don’t know what I’m doing with my life. I’m just on “sabbatical”. My goals for the next year or so are two things: get all the adult paperwork done for Edda & train for this fall marathon. Otherwise, I get to spend my time cleaning chandeliers.

Also, on my sabbatical, I get to watch construction going on directly across the street. At first, I assumed that this was in conjunction with the city replacing the water main on our street, but it’s not! Our neighbor has a leak on the house side of the meter which indicates that he’s using thousands of gallons of water, so he’s trying to fix it which involves a lot of digging.

Isabella, coffee, Middlemarch.

Isabella came by on Saturday to mind Edda – I & S have a special relationship, lol.

Because Isabella was here, Jeremy and I went on a date – takeout from A & Js and coffee and cookies from a coffeehouse near REI. It was interesting to see how many people were masked. I still mask at grocery stores but I would have been OK eating in a restaurant on this date, but Jeremy is still wary, so we ate all of our things in a park or walking around. Jeremy thought no one in REI was masked, butI said, I though it was about 50%. Anyways, it was just nice to be in the world with only Jeremy – we window shopped together and tried on clothes at Uniqlo and REI and didn’t buy anything (except a birthday gift) even though we were tempted.

And I came home and finished Middlemarch. Just about 20 days after Vickey finished it. Still in March! And one could argue, still in the middle of March – kind of. I’m glad I finished it, though I think my life would have been complete without it. Vickey and I will discuss on Monday and pick our next book…

The end of birthday week!

Yesterday, we had one last birthday party at Edda’s aftercare – cupcakes all around. Edda’s neighbor unwrapped his cupcake and carefully placed it on a napkin and admired it the entire time. Every once in a while, he’d lean in and take in a large inhale of cupcake infused aroma and smile satisfied. One of the staff was like – you can eat that! and he demurred and leaned in and enjoyed his cupcake the way he wanted to enjoy it. Jeremy said -well, the cupcake lasts longer that way.

We had invited Noah over for dinner and a sleepover and usually, Mike and Sofie are there, but last night, I felt like we were partied out from our week of parties and didn’t invite them over. Noah asked in the middle of dinner rather softly – is Sofie coming? And I said – no, most of the time, it’s quiet here. I think almost all the times he’s been here, it’s been a party-like atmosphere. And he looked really, really hurt. So then we started to watch Encanto – but then there are some intense scenes and we had to switch. I was like – what Disney movie doesn’t involve any scary scenes? I came up with nothing and so we all settled into watching Little Einsteins. Here’s Noah looking worried.