So I’m trying to be a bit more proactive, hahaha! I dropped Vince off at the nanny’s and I went and walked 3 kilometers at the gym. Bumped into Olivia’s (a cute-as-a-button 4 year-old) mother on the way there, she promptly told me the gym I joined was going to go under, their business isn’t too good. I *love* that it is within walking distance of my house. Anyways, after the gym, I bought dinner and was feeling pretty sorry for myself. I called Kay Dee to vent, which was nice. I got Vince from the nanny’s and I tried to squeeze through a tiny, tiny space between two cars with my car. I’ve seen George do it a million times, I hit both side mirrors. Luckily they are on hinges so I only have to bend them back. Then I went to the realtors and talked about the spa some more. They seemed to think it was very expensive. Oh well, at least I’m using it… Anyways, they invited me to lunch again, and discovered that they put yellow mustard in their soy sauce and eat raw garlic. Will gastronomic wonders never cease. Then I got George to drive me to Bei-Pu where there is a lot of ethnic food. The place was pretty quiet on the weekday. We also went to buy the famous Hsinchu peanut butter and strolled around the newly-opened pet store. They sell crocodiles (tiny ones…), hedgehogs, albino snakes, scorpions…. Crazy.. Otherwise, it looks just like the PetSmart.

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