Vincie’s first tooth! Woo hoo! Bottom right one is barely poking through. He’s growing up, sniff, sniff. Went to Taipei today, saw Carrie and Asuka and had a nice time eating Peking Duck in their hotel. Yum, yum. It was quite different than what we are used to. The pieces of duck had more meat on them and the pancakes were very large, almost like whole wheat tortillas and the onion was not finely chopped, just a huge stalk of it in the center. They also had thin, thin scallion pancakes which were wrapped around green beans. That was yummy, but Jeremy thought they were too mealy. Then we went to Costo, and stood outside the door because we were too stubborn to pay the membership fee. They wouldn’t even let us look around to see if we’d like it… Sigh. Asuka urged me to be more aggressive, but he didn’t know that I’d already done my agressive thing by just asking if we could look around. I think Navier, one of my goldfish, is already slated to have a short time on earth… He’s swimming kind of sideways.

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