Everybody felt better today. We thought we were going to take it easy today and rest, but it turns out we were on the go all day. In the morning, we went to the doctor to have a follow up check up on Vince. We got three more days of medication and assurances that the croup would pass quickly. Then I had breakfast at a little stand about 3 doors down from the doctor. I had the sweet hot soy milk and three pot stickers that were so hot they burned my tongue. We had lunch at a tea house where I ordered my first slushy (coffee flavored). We saw Ms. Liu who said that Leah had gone to the new Warner Village that opened in town to see Harry Potter. I mentioned that I was surprised because Harry Potter opened in the US this weekend also. But she said that they were showing an one hour edited version of the movie so they can have more showings and make more money (the ticket prices aren’t edited). The regular version comes out later. We went to the Orange Mart to buy cake mix and wine. Spent the evening watching Phantom Menace and baking a cake for the dinner party tomorrow.

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