Today is my mother’s birthday! Happy birthday Mom 🙂 I’m glad I will be seeing you soon! I found someone else in Taiwan who has breastfed their babies. Woo hoo! This woman in my yoga class has breastfed her children both for 1 year each. The class is still facinated by my breastfeeding. Everyone here gets the shot to stop their milk production right away after giving birth. They are afraid of their breasts shrinking and sagging. I figure if ever I get tired of the way my boobs are, I’ll pay a plastic surgeon to lift them for me. Today I met a man from Kashmir in yoga class who said that all Americans were snotty, unpleasant and arrogant. He’s been in Taiwan selling all these beautiful scarves, I saw one that the yoga teacher bought which was one of the less expensive ones. But some he was selling for $6000 NT ($180 US) were absolutely beautiful, hand stiched and knotted.

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