Happy Birthday Ruby! Today was a busy, busy day. We got up, sent Vince to the nanny’s and then I went to my very last Chinese lesson downstairs. Jeremy was upstairs making phone calls and arrangements. Then we went to UMC to drop off Jim’s wedding photos and to thank them for their gifts. We ended up going to Jeremy’s favorite dumpling place in the science park. I was so impressed. Something has happened during the past 3 days, but Jeremy’s Chinese has made a quantum leap. His Chinese conversation is going so well and so fluid, he doesn’t need a lot of prompting or reminding of words. It is amazing something really is clicking for him. Then Vince and I napped, Jeremy went to the science park and did errands. Then we went downstairs and played with Mr. Hong. Then Helen came over and cooked up a storm. It was such a wonderful dinner with lots of talking and laughing and cooking. They are all so sweet, they bought Vince horse necklaces, one gold on jade. And we talked and gossiped about kids misbehaving and fish that die.

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