So on Wed, we went to breakfast with big brother at a big dim sum place and then we forged out on our own into town. We were meeting up with Jeremy’s pal, Matt at the Central Station of the MTR. The subway is so elegantly arranged and clearly labled we had no trouble navagating the city. We took the tram up to the peak and saw the whole city below bathed in fog. Then we took a short walk around the peak and had lunch at a little cafe. Then we went to the Star Ferry and took it across to Kawloon and saw the bird and flower market. Then we ate a snack and off to find big brother’s office. We made it there at 5 pm and saw his office full of toys and samples. Then we headed to a restaurant at 6 pm and waiting until loads and loads of people spilled in for dinner. Dinner started at half past eight. It was an extremely elegant dinner. That night we all fell asleep soundly. The next day, we went out with big brother’s eldest son and he was a lot of fun. We saw the tallest building in Hong Kong and then to the IM Pei building, the Bank of China. Saw the convention center. Then saw the Hong Kong park and aviary. High end shopping center where Vince fell blissfully asleep during lunch. Then up the escalators that wound through town. Then back to the marina for a nap and back to a seafood restaurant for dinner. Got up really early to make it to the Hong Kong airport, actually ran to catch our plane. Vince fell asleep for most of the flight. Thank goodness! Now we are in Tokyo! Had dinner with friends of Bob and Katherine’s at the best tempura place in Tokyo.

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