So on Friday, Jeremy drove to work and found fire trucks and guards standing in front of the IBM site. Apparently they had cordoned off the buildings in order to do a chemical hazard checks in all the labs. So Jeremy drove back and we had a wonderful day goofing off. Incredibly lucky as I was dreading the weekend just a little bit. So on Friday, we made cookies and went to the library and Vince took a really long nap. On Saturday, I picked up Susan at the train station in Poughkeepse and took her, Vince and Ruby to Bard while Jeremy drove Eva from her retirement home in Millbrook. Eva had fallen earlier in the week and seemed a bit out of sorts and tired. We went to a wonderful concert in Olin. I tried not to fall asleep. Then we went home (Vince, of course, was so excited to be out of my care, he didn’t take his usual nap…) and planned for our dinner party. Jeremy and I are on this new budget, so we normally, on our budget-less behaviour, we would order out. But in order to preserve our budgeting this week, we planned a home cooked meal (fajitias), which actually came out to less than $6 per person. Johannas, Dakshi, and Todd came over and it was really, really nice, especially after Vince fell asleep after 9 pm. I’m secretly delighted to know that I’m not the only on down on living in the Hudson Valley. On Sunday we went to a farm near IBM to pick some peaches, blackberrys and blueberrys with Susan who had spent the night. It was nice, Vince really liked it. We drove to Beacon to see the DIA and found a cute little sandwich place to have takeout lunch. Then we dropped her off at the Beacon station and pretty much drove home to prepare for the evening concert in the Fischer auditorium. I thought I would fall asleep, but I didn’t because it was so loud and actually very exciting. Todd, Ester and Caleb were there to switch babysitting during intermission. It was great to see the babies together.

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