Yushan showed up last night and we had a wonderful late night dinner. Vince was so excited to see him and loved having another person at the table, he wouldn’t go to sleep until everybody had retired. This morning I had to face a mountain of laundry and dishes and trash in the house. The study is our disaster area. I really have to work on that! Bob is going to buy me a music stand for my birthday and Katherine gave me an old alto plastic recorder that they had lying around. I just have to get it recorked. My list of things to by that cost more than $30 is increasing rapidly. We’re still trying to stick with our budget. It makes the week more fun for me actually (adds a bit of a challenge.) Vince is too young for the playgroup co-op and also there isn’t any space, so maybe next year. We checked out the Millbrook training center and spa, which is really nice and active. There is a nice child care center where I left Vince for 10 minutes while I checked the place out. He screamed his head off. Just great!

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