Hmmm… busy weekend. On Thursday, started to schedule the c-section at my appointment with Stacey. Stayed over at the Martin’s on Thursdays. On Friday, eagerly awaited a call which would determine the date of the babe’s birthday, but nada. On Saturday, we went to Bard for the bagel run, Jeremy, Bob, Ruby and Vince came in first. I came in last. Katherine, Bob, Jeremy and Vince went to Westchester to buy Bob’s new Acura TL. The Honda, at the exact same moment died on River Road. We are wondering if it’ll ever start again. That night we went to Osaka for dinner and hung out. Yesterday, we just hung out at home getting a bit grumpy with each other. Called the parents and called Donald.

Hmmm… Had a week of Ruby check-up, Vince check-up. Stayed at the Martin’s house 2 nights this week. Jeremy went to an energy in China talk. Saturday, Jeremy entertained at the Martin’s house. Urlich and Claudia came over and had milk in the car for Jeremy’s cabbage dish. On Sunday, Jeremy and Ben worked on his taxes. Yesterday was a beautiful 50 degree day. Today looks as if it’ll snow a foot. Still waiting around

This weekend was a busy one. On Saturday, I went to recorder class and Jeremy, Vince and Bob went car shopping. Avalons, Camry, Mercedes. Ha! It’s a great thing. That night, we went to Asuka’s and Carrie’s for a pot luck. We brought chili and cornbread. It was Carrie’s annual celebration of her mother’s birthday. Kathy was there too and played with Vince quite a bit. On Sunday, we celebrated Vince’s 2nd birthday and Katherine made the most delicious eggplant dish with tomatoes and onions and a garlic yogurt sauce.

This past week, Jeremy was in Germany for a business meeting, so I high tailed it to the Martin’s up in Red Hook. We had a very nice week together. Bob was in New York City for much of the week practicing. Jeremy came back on Friday night and we left for Philadelphia on Saturday morning. We stopped off and joined Gargi and family for a late afternoon visit. Then we went to the Haverford Student Center, where we were to spend the night in guest rooms. On Sunday, we walked around campus (it was an absolutely beautiful weekend) in the morning and fed the ducks. For lunch, we went to Caleb’s house where I met his mom, dad, mom-in-law and we had a nice time. In the afternoon, we went to the concert. A person fainted in the lobby and Jeremy helped out. Gargi and I tooled around campus. Sunday night, we went out to this Italian place and Gene had driven up from DC. Monday we had breakfast with Ariah (sp?) and old family friend and lunch with Lyle, who was Jeremy’s professor. It was wonderful.. On the way back, we stopped off in Princeton. We talked about coffee grinders and new cars.