Busy August

Well, what a busy August. We saw Susan in NYC while she was here for her Morgan Stanley training. We ate dim sum and went to the Transit Museum and had dinner in creation. It was a lovely dinner with potato pancakes and a milky, soupy rice/beef/noodle dish. Vince spent the time throwing pennies into the water. It was impressive how fast we spent money on parking. Each time we parked, it was 20 bucks and we did it 4 times. Ha! Oh, we also saw the new Columbus Circle mall and ate at the Whole Foods. This past weekend we went to Maine to see Julia at Cape Porpoise. July’s niece Danielle is getting married this Labor Day weekend and the family is gathering to celebrate. We went to Goose Rocks beach in Maine. On our way back and forth from Maine, we stopped at a bakery in Exeter, NH which had a dough table. We stopped at the Trolley Museum in Maine and a playground in Athens, MA. We also had dinner Friday night with Vince Rotello in Amherst, MA.

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