Funeral Blues

Today was Tina’s Memorial Service. People travelled from pretty far away to come and a lot of people stood up to tell some wonderful memories and stories of her. It’s amazing how people know only a sliver of someone’s life. For each part of er life a friend or family member would stand up and narrate. Her father would tell stories of her growing up. Her cousin explained about her school days. And on it went. The other amazing thing was how much everyone knew her in the same way. It was so … consistent throughout. Of course Tina was a total superstar in anything and everything that she did. I doubt many people could live up to her legacy.

2 thoughts on “Funeral Blues”

  1. Tina was great and lovable. If while she was alive and , in the meantime, heard these things, she must be even prouder. For her parents and love ones, it was a very sad day indeed. There is an older Chinese expression. “There are three unbearable sad things in the world. 1)Kids losing parents 2)midage losing their kids 3)Old age losing their spouse.” How true it is.
    🙁 Our deepest sympathy.

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