Just Back From State College, PA

I just came back from State College, PA after the ceremony. Ms. Sylvia Martin, Jeremy’s grand mom seemed to be a very popular lady in their retirement community about her music, love of books, etc. That was great. A lot of people spoke about that in the ceremony. Although, I have never met her personnel. But, she was a tough lady, I think. A labor organizer in the anti-communist-for-anything-and-everything era. After that, the Martins had a wonderful dinner together last night. I enjoyed it very much.

It was very tough to go out there during the snow storm. It was one of the toughest trip I have ever made. But, I arrived there in one piece without any scatches. From my place to there is about 130 miles. But, it took 4.5 hours to get there yesterday and 3 hours to get back today.

Grand uncle in Beijing just passed away due to heart attack. Uncle Joseph is organizing somethings together with aunt Margaret for the grandpa’s side of the family, us.

Mom was also back yesterday. Cannot wait to see her this coming Friday :). I am flying out.

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