Nvidia Phone Screen Tomorrow.

For the past weekend, I’ve read a book on Cg (C for graphics), studied all my old compiler lecture notes, and even worked on an old problem set from school. Yikes. I’m puckered out, but I think I’m prepared.

I stopped by the bike shop today and chatted with everyone. The store seems more organized that ever before. It’s actually starting to look … presentable. Keep up the good work Jason! Too bad the shop didn’t have the tool I was looking for tho. Ah well. I bought it at Performance.

Li Pei Zin had a crisis today too. She had a dinner party tonight, but her home phone stopped working so she couldn’t call anyone. She woke me up to borrow my cell phone and proceded to stay on hold for 30 minutes to SBC. She ended up burning something and hanging up.

Whoops I can’t post pictures… DOH!

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