About Last Night…

Seems like my Saturday night is just as fun filled as my Friday night. I ended up watching more movies today. In reverse order, I saw: The Green Mile, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, and Eraser.

Steven Spielberg is always good at making the bad guys look super bad and the good guys feel super good. He always seems to be able to tug just the right amount on your emotional strings.

I like the alligator scene in Eraser. Basically 3 bad guys are chasing him at the zoo, and he only has 2 bullets left. So Ah-nold shoots the glass tank that hold some alligators that dutifully take out the 3 bad guys and the last bullet is saved to kill the alligator. Which right after, Ah-nold tells the dead alligator, “You’re luggage!”. a hahahhahah!

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