Aunt Margaret Could Not Locate Mom Late Last Night

Aunt Margaret called me very late last night that she could not locate Mom. Just awful late, to my standard. Well, at least, it is good that someone cares and I appreciated that. After her call, I was wild awake and called Donald and left a voice message.

Grand uncle’s son just came back from Beijing after his dad’s memorial service. Grand uncle is a good guy with convictions – maybe his convictions are out of date? But, very few, walk the talk.

He also carried our family’s terrible genes, pround, stubborn, no ears, fail to see other sides’ story, unforgivable, not letting small disagreements go, never be on the wrong side, and always doing things in hard ways. Mom’s side on these is much, much better. But, there is again an old Chinese saying “Ocean can sink any boat, but it also can carry us to far away places”. Without those damned stubbornness, probably I would not be here writing. But, with it, looking back, I probably could do much better if I used it more selectively and wisely. Maybe, I am just getting too philosopherically here and get carried away out of my frustration.

But, keep smiling 🙂

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  1. From your difficult childhood, you moved away from home and got yourself educated and found a wonderful wife and provided your family with a safe and secure home. Perhaps your stubborness could be reinterpreted as courage and perserverence.

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