Bronx Zoo

So now that we aren’t going to be in NY for that much longer, I’m trying to take every opportunity to see the sights. Today, as the temperature climbed to over 50F, we headed to NYC to go to the Bronx Zoo. It was a day where the air seemed so clear and the sun was bright, but not too hot. We packed leftover chicken from our party last night for a picnic lunch. Vince picked out at gift to send to Uncle Donald because he knew that Donald wasn’t feeling very well, but later he told us that he had boogers in his nose and that he wasn’t feeling very well himself and that maybe he could keep Uncle Donald’s gift. Afterward we headed into Manhattan to have dinner with a Rhee, a co-worker of Jeremy’s who lives in NYC and commutes 2 hours each way every day to get to work in Fishkill.

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