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Okay, start anew. Here are my three sentences:

1) believe in yourself, get all the help that you can out there
2) keep looking and smiling (set a goal for job hunting, 5 resumes a week?)
3) communication, communication & commnunication

3 thoughts on “Comment 11”

  1. I’m not sure how your answers apply to the questions I was asking. My 2 questions were basically

    1) Can I be happy making less money?
    2) Am I selling out if I get a CS job?

  2. If you make enough for your basic living not worry about the BMW’s, Good house, restraint food etc. You can be happy. It is up to you.

    Second, I do not think you are selling out if you get a CS job. CS major was your first choise at MIT. We are all selling ourself to make a better living for family. Not like daddy, his first choise was Medical school.

  3. Donald, “making less money” means “spending less”. “How much less” is acceptable depends on individual. When you have family, however, it will depend on whole family members needs.

    People with more or less money all have problems. To me, I would rather have the combinations of “more money with problems” instead of “less money with problems”.

    If you get a CS job, I don’t think you are selling out. I can do things get the best returns but don’t like much temporarily because I can always change course later on once I get enough dough for my raining days. For example, I am back to do things that I did 20 years ago. Right now, I am looking all numbers, after pushing paper for a lot of years. Am I enjoying it? Not really. Does it pay my bills? Of course, yes, a lot of them. Am I keeping do it? Yes, until I call it quit. But, up to that time, I will do whatever it takes to keep my job until I shift direction or get a better one.

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