Cozy hour at Bright Horizons.

Last night, I made pork chops and a butternut squash salad from Martha Stewart’s Everday Food (an excellent cooking magazine for the regular home cook) before Jeremy got home and we ate quickly and went to Bright Horizons for cozy hour from 7-8 pm. Stories, hot chocolate and kids running around with pajamas. There is a little girl from Korea in his class named Yebin, who on Friday swung a bag of craft supplies and hit Vince in the head. Vince got a little bruise and, of course, in this litigious country, an “accident report” had to be filled out by the parents of both parties and signed. Now Yebin’s mom (who pretty much only speaks Korean) is understandably concerned about the paperwork because it makes it all seem so serious and so now she stops me whenever I see them and asks about Vince. Last night, she finally asked, “Do you care?” and I laughed said, “No, I don’t care!”

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