Crawling Back to Pittsburg & Crawling Back to Office

Sunday, it was tough and rough. I got Mom’s love bug but had to flight back. Boy, what the trip it was! I felt really terrible but what else could I do. When I landed in Pittsburg, it was midnight. By the time, I got to my motel, it was 1:00 AM. When I reached my motel, what a relieve it was. I just crawled back to my bed and slept. Next day (same day?), I went to work at 7:00 AM. I rested a lot in my office yesterday. Today I am better and Mom probably has to see a doctor today. She is in worse shape than I was. What a love bug and crawling back to Pittsburg.

Everyday, I run from the parking lot to the front door of my office, just for exercise. It was helpful a bit for my daily route to exercise. It covers about 100 steps. Today, however, I tripped while doing that. My glasses, orange, banana, bagel and brief case were scattered all over the frozen ground. A nice lady, helped me to pick them up and put them into my brief case. What a crawling back to office :(. I am okay now. No problem and will do that with greater care.

This week and next, I will try to set a record for “paid” overtime. 🙂

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