Donald, Can You Help?

Mom decided to retire after May officially. She is going to leave Richland in April. Mom is asking:

1) May be, 8th or 15th of April, if you have time, help Mom to move from Richland to Washougal. Mom does not have too much things to move. A weekend is enough.

2) On April 17th, we are going to Las Vegas and ready to tour the country for a month with our friend and his wife using his Ford. I don’t know where exactly we are going. Do we have any volunteer to check our email on “mail2web” if case we have access problems?

Dad will continue to find some part time jobs to cover some of our bills. We will be together permanently. 7 1/2 years of commuting is just too much for both of us.

5 thoughts on “Donald, Can You Help?”

  1. You should consider switching to a yahoo mail account and then you can check your email at any place that has an internet connection. Find out if your mail2web place can forward mail to a yahoo account.

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