Emy’s 25th brithday party.

Today we headed down to NYC to celebrate Emy’s 25th birthday party and there was a lot to celebrate. She’s got her own apartment in Brooklyn and a new job offer from this hip hotel in the meatpacking district, The Gansevoort Hotel. A five-star establishment, a room costs $400 a night, with her employee discount, we could stay there for a mere $200. They pay well, 20 bucks and hour (!) and after 2 months, health insurance becomes a benefit. Snazzy!

Katherine and Bob spent the morning buying amazing food at Zabar’s and we ate a nice brunch in Ben’s apartment. His roommate, Tim, was there as well as Ben’s friend Eric who spend Christmas making blueberry cobbler with Vince.

After the party, we headed to Urban Outfitters to see if Emy could buy some jeans, but no luck. Emy went home to nap before her own birthday party at her apartment and the rest of us headed to Central Park to see the new “The Gates” exhibit by Christo.

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