Getting A Little Freaked Out…

I looked at my financials today. I think my burn rate is a bit higher right now than I expected. After subtracting out my bills, I’ve got about 4-5k left in the bank. Assuming I spend 1K a month… well you can do the math. I can spend probably 750 a month if I really tighten down – which I’m going to have to now I think. Anyways, just another stress to add to my list. Wheeeee!

2 thoughts on “Getting A Little Freaked Out…”

  1. As Mom and Dad said before, any expenses related to health insurance, healthcare, job hunting and your future endeavors (applying grad schools, schooling, learn new skills, etc.), we are very glad to help and reimburse you. This is retroactive also.

    To widen your job hunting possibiilities, we also willing to fly & relocate you to any place in the States. You can always pretend to be local with respect to Washington DC, Portland, Pittsburg and Richland areas, maybe in New York also.

    But, of course, one needs to keep ones financial situation under control. I hope you are not touching your retirement accounts, which is needed in the future. Just imagine if Mom and Dad need you and Doris to support us financially now. What a burden.

    Well, in all, just concentrate finding a job and start out with something. This way, I believe, it will take care itself eventually with success. Keep looking and smiling :).

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