I hate my address book.

Yesterday, while Vince was at daycare and I had finished my rowing and a bit of piano, I went to Goodwill and bought an ugly bag for $5 and also a winter jacket for Edda for $4. You may ask why I don’t have a winter jacket for my soybean, but we’ve had her in a head-to-toe outfit for the bulk of the frigid winter and now I wanted something to just put on the top because the other outfit is so damn difficult to put on and now Target isn’t selling winter clothes, only bikinis.

Also, I spent the afternoon trying to use Thunderbird from Modzilla, and I was all excited because Jeremy hyped it up so much. So first I get my gmal account to show up, and then I’m slowly transferring my address book over to Thunderbird and then I find out that when I print out my address book, it sorts by the order I enter the entries. Wouldn’t alphabetical be more helpful? Basically took me all afternoon, and now my address book is half in Thunderbird and half in Yahoo. Ugh. All the meanwhile, this has eaten up hours of my time and I’ve tried to convince the kids that they would really rather just play in the other room. Oh well.

3 thoughts on “I hate my address book.”

  1. Mom bought some clothes for Vince and Edda for their birthdays last weekend. Not winter clothes though. I believe a swimming trunk for Vince.

  2. Hrm. I like everything organized too – for no good reason. I’m surprised you can’t print out in alphabetical. Somehow I wouldn’t think the Mozilla folks would overlook that feature…. hrm.

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