Realistic Goals.

Hrm. I applied to Specialized just now. I think I wrote a pretty good cover letter. Anyways, I wonder how much money really is enough. I’ve talked about this before with Doris. I think it’s really hard when you look at all your friends with all their BMW’s and fancy houses. Lately, whenever people talk about houses or cars or jobs or whatever, I get to thinking that I’ll never be able to do these things again. That in some ways I’m not really at their level anymore. Everyone’s living on such a higher monetary plane than I am. It’s depressing. No question. I lust after things. As much as I think it’s shallow, it’s true. Will I be happy making 40k 10 years from now? Do I want to continue to avoid the realities of getting a real job? Sometimes I feel like I’m selling out going back to computers. Something in my gut tells me that is the wrong thing for me now. Now the question is do I listen to it?

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  1. Ahhh, the eternal question. I love stuff too. It’s all good stuff. Sigh. Perhaps you can email Cary about it in Salon. Also, thumbs up on the Specialized app, maybe you can turn some serious time to the Stanford jobs.

  2. One will be surprised to find how the wealth can be earned, accumulated and grown. Mom and Dad were pennyless on our 30th birthday. In addition, at that time, we earned about 2/3 of other guys’ alaries. But, at this moment, we are, of course, not super wealthy, but wealthy enough to be comfortable.

    Mom helps our family a lot on this also. It is estimated that two people in a family working one year is equivalent to one people working alone for ~ 2 1/2 year financially. Modern families almost require two persons working to sustain their living standards and educate their kids.

    Wealth can also be drained away unwisely & rapidly. Base on records, Forbe Magazine estimates that 2/3 of top 500 families will not be there in 30 years time. Again, there is an old Chinese saying that “Wealth in a family can not last to the 3th generations”. How truth it is?

    It is good that one feels kind of depress under the described situations. If handling wisely, it simply can transform one’s energy to compete. Without competition head-on, the situation will get much worse. Sooner or later, close friends will depart because they are not on the same level to do things together. For example, Mom and Dad does not have and friends vacationing in Jackson Hole, Wy. annually. But, we don’t have homeless friends either. This is a very practical and anticipated situation.

    Working to make highest possible dollars in any profession will put one into situations to compete head-on. This is the situation that one grows the fastest, I think. One needs to grow to survise no matter what. Of course, it comes with some sacrifices. But, to be poor and financially un-secured also carry their baggages as experience can tell.

    With competition in mind, try one’s best is the key. One can not demand the results but certainly can demand the efforts, efforts to try things and efforts to improve. Start out with small returns and grow them gradually.

    Time is running short but there is also amble time to do things that one like, depending how one deals with it. Competition requires strategy and, sometimes, needs communication & help. Mom and Dad are very glad that if we can be part of this effort of moving out and upward. But, moving is the key, not thinking.

    Keep smiling and moving forward by sending out resumes regularly until something show up at one’s door step. Try different options at the same time. Do them in parallel, not sequentially.

    If I did not use words right here, please don’t second guess them. Just think that the presentation and English need improvment.

    Love always.

  3. I think daddy is right. No pain no gain. When we were here with no Eglish (Even now, my Eglish is still no good), with no money, no help from our frieds (we were in the same boat). But we are doing OK now. All my friends are doing very well too. Our generation had a goal to raise family, to educate our kids and to be prepared for rianing days. All of us are doing well now. Old Chinese saying the first is “SHU SEN” that is descipling yourself. Next is “JEI JAN” that is take care of yor family. Third is “CHI KO” that is worry about the Country and the last one is “PEN TA SA” that is to make world peace.

    Start with “SHU SEN”. Set a realistic goal and work for it. You would not feel the sweet results if it is not your earned. Be cheerful and looking forward and change your thinking and atitude is the key. Any job is the same. You always to have boss and do what boss want you to do. There is alway a schedule to meet. Work hard and be happy is the key.

    If Doris want to be a nurse, you should take class right now in the evening or weekends. However, nurse is much harder than doctor. You chnage mojor from medical to engineer at first, You may re-think why chaged at that time. Nurse liesnce is much harder than Engineering liesenc that is for sure. This is only my thinking and you are big enough to make your own decision.

    As we alway to say if you need help, please let us know. we would if we could.

    I sure there are quite few spelling errors. I like word which has spelling check.

  4. Why not? They are few MIT graduates out there. Not, too many people can get into MIT.

    Keep fighting and competing. The rest, Mom and Dad are very glad to chip in. But, competing and trust yourself is paramount. Mom and Dad can only provide encouragement but can not do the proxy fighting for you. We believe in you. If you try, there is no limits.

    Do them parallelly, applying jobs, looking graduate schools, making girl friends, socializing, etc.

    Keeping trying & smiling 🙂

  5. That is right. Smart rabits have three holes – this is another chinese saying. Belieave yourself. with MIT degree itself is a big achivement. Mom did not have guts to apply at that time. And did not have guts to have a job there even they offered me. Go spend some money buy few good cloths and shoes and look professionally. It is important.

    Keep in touch with your MIT friend if they have any inside conections. Looking for untility companies and Oil companies. They needs people with EE and CS background. Education only give you a basic training. You will learn more on jobs.

    Daddy’s friend daughter who is your high school classmate, her husband’s company may need people. Ask daddy about it.

    Keep looking and having some fun too. Be flexible.

  6. Here are the two sentance: If you want to find a job, work on it full time to find one at any place using all the connections you have. If you really hate the CS and EE jobs (there is no easy jobs — no work with high pay), go back to school find a subject you like and later can find a job to support you and your family. Good Luck. Let us know if we can be any help.

  7. Donald, to be realistic but do not give up your ideas. You are still very young and there is a bright future ahead. Starting is always difficult. After you over the difficulties, your feeling will be much better. We were in your position too quite few times. That is real life. We all know it. Keep up.

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