Sleeping problems…

I’m not sleeping that well these days, hmm, stressed about moving? Dunno. Nothing interesting to report – the prednisone seems to be helping Jeremy, he woke up this morning alert and talkative which was absent in his demenor the last few days. Vince woke up by peeing in his bed. I’ve been doing the morning dog walks for the past few days since Jeremy’s feet have been too swollen to walk on and the mornings have just been beautiful. Granted, we live in a development where they are constantly doing construction, but at 7 in the morning, the light is beautiful and everything is quiet and it seems as if all possible roads can be taken and enjoyed and to quote the the Donald-meister – it’s all good.

Oh yes, and right now, there is a ladybug crawling across my desk. I take it to be a good omen.

2 thoughts on “Sleeping problems…”

  1. Doing more exercise and have fixed routines. Mom can not deviate too much from her routines also. That is why I do all the traveling, sleep on the floor outside Mom’s bedroom, etc. It helps.

    Is Jeremy okay?

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