Sunday night – weekly goal and progress made.

It’s Sunday night and I’m going to hold myself accountable to my goals by updating them here on the blog on Sunday night. Part of the Wishcraft deal.

Let’s see, there are a few different catagories:

Row daily.

Invite someone over for dinner this week.

Finish knitting the main piece of Vince’s sweater.
Practice piano daily.
Keep the kids happy and fed.

My professional goals for the next five years are to run an independent press publishing poetry and to get a Master’s in Nursing.

But for this week:
I’m going to write 1 poem this week (the first one in about 10 years.)
I’m going to send out a poem that I wrote 10 years ago out to 5 magazines to see if anyone wants to publish it.
I’m going to try and figure out about nursing schools in Singapore.

2 thoughts on “Sunday night – weekly goal and progress made.”

  1. Go for it, both of you.

    I have just one goal in mind. A practical one – how to support my family and do the best I know how?

    I am very transient in nature and don’t that have time to solve the big ticket problems. Of course, that does not mean that I don’t have my own convictions and have deaf ears with wooden heart.

    But, convictions or not, I am living in a real world. Need to take advantage what are out there, not what suppose to be there based on one’s convictions.

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