Went riding today…

With some pretty fast people. Me, being a slow person, dragged behind. I was out of shape, out of breath, and felt like throwing up. I’m recovered, but still gots the phelgm stuck in my lungs and throat.

I had lunch with Joy and Sunny at Applewood’s Pizza in Menlo Park. Yum. Pizza. Althoough I didn’t have Vince’s favorite pepperoni, it was still a good pizza. I haven’t eaten out in awhile. Joy and Sunny are labmates and it’s funny how much they go off about their kooky advisor. He’s random, has a low attention span, and highly confrontational. He rags on everyone’s presentations and provides very little help to his grad students, yet apparently he loves helping out other students and projects a good first impression. Anyways, sounds like a circus in there. I suppose every lab’s has it’s quirks tho. Just glad I’m not a part of that.

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