6 Weeks

Went to see the othopedist today. He seemed really busy. Pretty much he said, wear the sling, wait 6 weeks, you body is amazing this way! Then, ironically, he showed me a US News & World Report magazine that was lying in the exam room. The cover story title was “why do we need doctors?”. Indeed

2 thoughts on “6 Weeks”

  1. Pretty much the same thing the orthopedic guy told us about Edda. Maybe we don’t need orthopedists? Hmmm.. Using USNews to deliver medical care? Maybe he’s going through and existential crisis? I’m glad it’s not too serious and you’ll get some sympathy when you are wearing the sling…

  2. I believe sometimes doctors are not needed.

    First time, I went to see a doctor was about 15 or 16. But, I still remembered the UN mobile clinic came to our school to immunize everyone and had TB screen with shots, when suspicious, took 1″ x 1″ small pictures. If needed, then they took 12″ x 12″ pictures and, at that time, it was a big deal.

    I guess I am one of the beneficial person of UN efforts. Still, very thankful to this organization.

    But, coming to this place, everything changes, doctors for almost everything. Well, the important thing is that you are getting treament and are getting better. 🙂

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