Actually, I’ve been distracted.

The kids have been great. Vince went to school today and they had Pat’s Pals come over. A lady, Pat I guess, comes over with animals for the kids to pet. She had a snazzy set-up, a background painted with trees and mountains, a real tree with branches for the birds to perch on. I didn’t see the show, but Vince tells me that that he saw a blue bird, a tall tall snake, a tiny bunny, a prickly hedgehog and something else? I forget.

Anyhoo, Jeremy called from Germany, he’s doing great. Set up a web cam so we can see each other. The kids loved it, and Ruby looked behind the computer to find Jeremy. No luck.

Well I’m off to the elder Martin household – generally withour internet access. Be back in 24-36 hours.

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