Back with a Lot of Mom’s Food Supplies

Well, I was back yesterday. The lady right next to me read her book all night on the plane. I almost punched her but, of course, I did not. Just pretty annoying with those shining light reflected from her book. I managed to sleep anyway and went to work after stuck in the traffic for 45 minutes. After working 7 more hours & my blood pressure was normal. That was a piece of good news. I plan to be around a long time to enjoy Mom’s nagging 🙂 Well, Mom is great, especially, she is very good to me. Sometimes, I am wondering why Mom said “yes, I do”. Kind of lucky 🙂 You too.

Well, while on the way out to Richland, the airlines provided free lunch and it was a big surprise. Surprised indeed, I got a bag of expired chips. I complained to the flight attendant. Not too much response because I guessed everyone got their chips expired. Not just expired recently, but 3 weeks ago. Guess what, I wrote a letter together with the expired chips to their customers services. Stay tune …

Well, now my small refrigerator is full of Mom’s supplies. Great! I found out wrinkled paper is an excellent insulator. Food stays cold after 20 hours.

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