Butterfly Hunt!

Yesterday, I had my piano lesson. I’m waiting for some music that I ordered online to come and then I can start playing Bartok. I’m pretty excited, I haven’t played Bartok before and it should be interesting.

We went to the Butterfly Hunt! at the Center for Curatorial Studies at Bard. Usually, the gallery has art and Vince just runs around and I try to tell him not to touch the art, but this time they had a children’s program. Based on the name, we thought we would be looking for butterflies in the gallery (Katherine thought there might have been real butterfiles), maybe someone would tape up fake butterfiles or something, but it was actually a guided tour by the curator of the exhibit. We saw friends of Bob and Katherine, Eve and Hazel, who have just adopted their third daughter from China!

Then we went back to Bob and Katherine’s house where Katherine hosted a dinner for MooCow, a campus organization for the Heifer Project. Then we went to a talk about Heifer in China. Vince wailed and wailed, “I want to go to the talk!” It’s so funny we have a 3 year-old going to lectures.

Today is clean up day. Edda is back to her old self and proved it to us by eating a ton of food yesterday and this morning producing a poop so large that it overflowed her diaper and went up her back all the way to her armpits.

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