Digital camera hunt.

So the shutter delay on my little Sony 2.0 megapickle camera is driving me to pull out my hair. Do I have to spend $1000 to get rid of that stoopid delay? I don’t demand much from my cameras, just take the picture when I push the gosh-darn button.

8 thoughts on “Digital camera hunt.”

  1. I am still using the camera that I gave to Doris when she went to MIT. I am a low tech guy and that camera serves me well. No intention to replace with anything.

  2. how old is your camera? All the newer P&S cameras do a pretty good job with the shutter delay. if you want instant shutter response then you probably have to spend the money on a digital SLR tho.

  3. It was born the same time as Vince, 2002. Actually, I’m a bit sheepish to admit this, but I think most of the time it is OK, but in low light or when the flash has to charge, then the camera takes longer to focus and then when I push the button, nothing happens. But I’m always taking these indoor shots with low light and flash. Do the newer cameras manage battery life better? I got new rechargable ones and the batteries still seem to run out quick.

  4. I am going to buy one digital sometime soon. I think I am not that low tech. Only I have to do is to read the instruction or just play with it. This will be my first retirement project. To use digital camera.

  5. Well, I am still a low tech guy, using what I have. Mom always complains that I wear the same stuff, eat the same things, doing the same routings, etc. all the time. My answer is that I always have the same wife, dating the same person and sharing with the same person, etc. all the time 🙂

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