Hair and the Super Brown Tub.

Thanks for the excellent weekend guys!

I’m back home now after narrowly missing my flight. That’s an exaggeration, but it was tense there for a moment on the drive down since I’m super antsy about being on time and all.

Yesterday I chopped off all my hair with the hair clippers that Doris gave me. They worked great btw. I now have an 1/2″ of hair on my head tho it looks a little funny since i think my hair is thinning a bit. ah well.

also i decided to clean the bathroom up since I hd made a mess of it with all my hair flying around. Apparently nobody had washed the bathtub in YEARS. I swear. The bathtub was brown on the bottom, and I thought it was just some water stains that had developed, but no, it was all dirt and grime that had built up! I started to scrub and of course, it just took off the top layer of dirt. I threw some Comet at it and it turned a lighter shade of brown. 409. same. scrubbing bubbles. still not white. back to comet. nope. okay I poured comet all over the tub and let it sit for about 15 minutes. That worked pretty well, but i swear the bathtub is still brown in a lot of areas. man.

4 thoughts on “Hair and the Super Brown Tub.”

  1. Sometimes, you need toilet paper with soaked bleach and let it sit there for the whole night. Gauranteed, it will become all white.

    But, I don’t want Mom to do it. I usually do it myself. Donald, stay away from Chemicals. Not too good.

  2. Of course, you don’t know. I did this for all the rental properties all the time. Hard working people don’t have time to brag 🙂

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