Happy Birthday Day Shwe…

Played bridge and Soul Caliber on the Sega Dreamcast tonight. It was Shwe’s 30th birthday, and we surprised him at dinner. I should say his girlfriend surprised him by playing coy and even making Shwe suggest the restuarant that we were all meeting up in. Clever.

On the other note, Jack and Lynn are finally engaged. Lynn had her rock on her tonight. They had shopped together for the ring awhile ago and Jack was just making her wait for the ring to torture her. The proposal came in their living room after watching “The Notebook”. She was wearing her pajamas and he had just come out of the bathroom.

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Day Shwe…”

  1. Hey, what was that cool SEGA game that we played when we were small? There was this little guy and the first bit was him falling down this ditch and you had to hop from rock to rock and then at the bottom dropped into water. I remember that you had to get past an octopus with his arm waving and then there was some puzzle element to it.. Hmmm… That was my favorite game.

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